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Capcom Celebrates Monster Hunter’s 10th Anniversary With Golden Felyne Statue

monster_hunter_golden_statueCapcom’s hugely successful Monster Hunter series celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year. Along with the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Japan, the Osaka-based company has released a series of goods and merchandise based around the 10-year-old franchise. Though most of Capcom’s merchandise is affordable – coloured t-shirts, jackets and so on – there is one release that won’t just break your bank, but will cloud your eyes due to its eye-watering price.

Joining with SGC, the Monster Hunter series celebrates its 10th birthday with a golden felyne statue. Made from 24 karat gold, the statue weighs approximately 120g and measures around 90mm in height, 55mm in width, and 125mm in depth. Plus, in keeping with the anniversary number only 10 statues will be made, with potential buyers forking over 2,990,000 yen plus tax (approximately £17,318 / $29,152).

The golden felyne statue was previously revealed at Japan’s Monster Hunter exhibition, but is now on sale to the general public. You can find out more information on Capcom’s official site, here.



New Ultimate Extended Slide Pad Revealed For Nintendo 3DS From Hori


Peripheral manufacturer Hori has revealed a new slide pad for the Nintendo 3DS to coincide with the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The new accessory changes the button placement on the Nintendo 3DS. There’s now a slide pad where the left shoulder button is and ZL underneath the grip on the left hand side. You can also see that by having the new slide pad on the left shoulder it allows you to adjust the camera and move only using your left hand.


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Capcom Halves Profit Forecast After Poor Sales In Mobile Market

Capcom has announced ahead of its annual financial results that it will revise its current profit projections by more than 50 per cent. Despite an increase in profits from their famed Monster Hunter franchise, the company has issued a statement to halve their profit forecast after underwhelming sales in both the mobile market and Monster Hunter Frontier G – the online game which is exclusive to Japan.

The Osaka-based company has reduced its consolidated net income profit forecast from its original projection of 6.8 billion yen (around $66 million) to 3.3 billion yen (around $32 million). However, Capcom’s net sales are due to increase from 97 billion yen to 101.5 billion yen, primarily due to strong sales from Monster Hunter 4.

Though sales have increased, the mobile market hasn’t quite hit the ground running and Capcom has suffered a significant “special loss” of 5 billion yen from setting aside “post business structural improvement expenses” to reorganise the product development framework and improve development processes. A small section of the offiical statement from Capcom can be found below.

“The forecast for consolidated sales has been increased mainly because of strong sales of ‘Monster Hunter 4′, the biggest title in Capcom’s home video games business, and the highly successful pachislo title ‘Monster Hunter Gekka Raimei’. On the other hand, the operating income and ordinary income forecasts have been lowered because of a decline in profitability. The primary reasons for this decline are below expectations of products in the highly profitable mobile contents and ‘Monster Hunter Frontier G’ online game. The net income forecast has been lowered for these reasons as well as to incorporate the special loss explained in the previous section. As a result, Capcom revises the forecast for consolidated business for the fiscal year ending March 2014.”


Nintendo Direct: Monster Hunter 4 Details, Plus Video

Nintendo of Japan held a special Nintendo Direct today which focussed purely on the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 for the Nintendo 3DS. There were plenty of interesting tidbits of information contained in the presentation. Here’s the main points that were presented by Nintendo, including the ability to dress up cats in the game as Mario and Luigi.

  • Monster Hunter X Super Mario. You can dress up the cats as Mario and Luigi.
  • Link outfit for the main character revealed. This outfit you also get in a collab quest.
  • Iwata talks a bit more about the collab costumes. There will special quests at 7-Eleven and available to download thereafter.
  • Iwata leaves the rest of the presentation to the development team.
  • They are now going to show some multiplayer. Game features online multiplayer now.
  • You have to click on a world map button and choose between the various options of the game.
  • Friends can directly join from the friends list. Of course, you can still create or find rooms.
  • With finding a room, you can pick the skill level and difficulty of quests. They are now going into lobby.
  • There is a full chat function, with which you can communicate with players in the lobby.
  • There are the pre-installed options for you to enter, if you prefer that.
  • We see them duking it out against a gigantic creature. Everyone is trying their own strategy.
  • It seems all pretty seemless, as you can all walk around freely. Chat function always active in the corner.
  • Finishing the monster off is done a quick timey sort of way.
  • Monster Hunter 4 themes are being discussed. It is, according to them, very clearly shown in the opening.
  • The game’s theme is also used in commercials, as it presents everything quite well.
  • There is also new function called an… item sensor? It allows you to find the more important items really.
  • They are talking about that the character can jump now, which allows for more action packed adventures.
  • The game still features a story, which is expanded a bit more in comparison to previous games.
  • You journey to different places, take on quests and they are many NPCs too.
  • Their bit is concluded with an overview of some more crazy monsters.

Here’s The Opening Movie For Monster Hunter 4

The latest breathtaking Monster Hunter 4 video is the game’s opening movie, just released by Capcom Japan on the company’s official Youtube Channel. The clip features an epic battle with a Tigrex while showcasing some of the new features of Monster Hunter 4, such as the new Insect Staff weapon and the player’s ability to attack monsters by jumping and grabbing onto them.

Capcom is supremely confident in the game, recently stating that they want Monster Hunter 4 to break historic video game sales records. Although previous installments originated on Sony consoles, Monster Hunter 4 is now a 3DS exclusive that will launch in Japan on September 14th.