Capcom Says Development On Monster Hunter Stories Began Around Five Years Ago

We were all slightly taken by surprise last night when Capcom lifted the lid on Monster Hunter Stories for Nintendo 3DS. It turns out the development on the colourful RPG began around five years ago. Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto says that while the game is different from what many had expected, they are staying true to the deadly world of Monster Hunter.

After having passed the 10th anniversary last year, this is a new challenge for the Monster Hunter series, that we’ve began designing since about five years ago. While staying true to the world of Monster Hunter, and a story that can only be told through an RPG, we’d like to pack it with fun and enjoyment that we can’t even begin to describe with words. It is still in the middle of development, we’d like to offer you a new kind of excitement that is different from the conventional series, and the development staff are working on it in full-spirit.

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Capcom Is Holding A Monster Hunter Event On May 31st

Capcom has announced that it will be holding a special Monster Hunter themed event on May 31st. We have no idea what will be shown, but with Monster Hunter 4 already out the door everyone will be looking to see what’s next. Maybe we will see the next Monster Hunter game on consoles? We won’t really know until the event takes place. It should certainly be exciting.

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There’s Going To Be A Street Fighter 2 Collaboration In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Are you ready for this? Well it turns out that there’s going to be a Street Fighter 2 collaboration in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The news was confirmed today by Capcom who said that you’ll be able to equip your Felyne Palicoes with classic Blanka and Chun-Li outfits from Street Fighter II in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Be sure to check it all out in the video embedded below.

Capcom Explains Why They Added Sonic And Nintendo Collaborations To Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Online gaming publication Siliconera recently caught up with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate producer Ryozo Tsujimoto to ask him why they decided to do a collaboration with Sega and Nintendo. As you already know, you’re able to let your Felynes wear armour based on Sonic and wield his sword from Sonic and the Black Knight. You can also dress up your character as Link and use the Master Sword. Here’s what Tsujimoto had to say about these inclusions.

“There are actually a few people at Sega that we’re pretty close to. We were chatting and thinking if there was something we could do together—some kind of collaboration. Then we settled on Sonic, ultimately, because he’s not only popular here in Japan, he’s also extremely popular overseas.”

“Since we’re doing an overseas version of this game, it made sense to do some sort of collaborative crossover that would make sense globally. So I had an associate of mine at Sega introduce me to the person in charge [of licensing]. We shook hands, made the deal, and there you go.”

“As you know, Nintendo helped a lot with development and they’ve been very good partners, so we wanted very much to take some kind of a Nintendo IP and do some sort of crossover that seemed to make sense from our point-of-view,” Tsujimoto shared. “And of course, with us on the development side, when you think of Nintendo, the first thing you think of are Mario and Zelda characters. Certainly, for those of us on the devteam that are in our 30s and 40s, that’s exactly the first thing that comes to mind.”

“So, we started to think of what we could do with Mario and Link-type characters. It occurred to us… as you know, in Monster Hunter, you’ve got a Sword and Shield, and Link is the same way, so it would be a perfect match. So, we went over to Nintendo, discussed, got permission, and went ahead and did it.”

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Capcom Celebrates Monster Hunter’s 10th Anniversary With Golden Felyne Statue

monster_hunter_golden_statueCapcom’s hugely successful Monster Hunter series celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year. Along with the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Japan, the Osaka-based company has released a series of goods and merchandise based around the 10-year-old franchise. Though most of Capcom’s merchandise is affordable – coloured t-shirts, jackets and so on – there is one release that won’t just break your bank, but will cloud your eyes due to its eye-watering price.

Joining with SGC, the Monster Hunter series celebrates its 10th birthday with a golden felyne statue. Made from 24 karat gold, the statue weighs approximately 120g and measures around 90mm in height, 55mm in width, and 125mm in depth. Plus, in keeping with the anniversary number only 10 statues will be made, with potential buyers forking over 2,990,000 yen plus tax (approximately £17,318 / $29,152).

The golden felyne statue was previously revealed at Japan’s Monster Hunter exhibition, but is now on sale to the general public. You can find out more information on Capcom’s official site, here.


New Ultimate Extended Slide Pad Revealed For Nintendo 3DS From Hori


Peripheral manufacturer Hori has revealed a new slide pad for the Nintendo 3DS to coincide with the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The new accessory changes the button placement on the Nintendo 3DS. There’s now a slide pad where the left shoulder button is and ZL underneath the grip on the left hand side. You can also see that by having the new slide pad on the left shoulder it allows you to adjust the camera and move only using your left hand.


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Capcom Halves Profit Forecast After Poor Sales In Mobile Market

Capcom has announced ahead of its annual financial results that it will revise its current profit projections by more than 50 per cent. Despite an increase in profits from their famed Monster Hunter franchise, the company has issued a statement to halve their profit forecast after underwhelming sales in both the mobile market and Monster Hunter Frontier G – the online game which is exclusive to Japan.

The Osaka-based company has reduced its consolidated net income profit forecast from its original projection of 6.8 billion yen (around $66 million) to 3.3 billion yen (around $32 million). However, Capcom’s net sales are due to increase from 97 billion yen to 101.5 billion yen, primarily due to strong sales from Monster Hunter 4.

Though sales have increased, the mobile market hasn’t quite hit the ground running and Capcom has suffered a significant “special loss” of 5 billion yen from setting aside “post business structural improvement expenses” to reorganise the product development framework and improve development processes. A small section of the offiical statement from Capcom can be found below.

“The forecast for consolidated sales has been increased mainly because of strong sales of ‘Monster Hunter 4′, the biggest title in Capcom’s home video games business, and the highly successful pachislo title ‘Monster Hunter Gekka Raimei’. On the other hand, the operating income and ordinary income forecasts have been lowered because of a decline in profitability. The primary reasons for this decline are below expectations of products in the highly profitable mobile contents and ‘Monster Hunter Frontier G’ online game. The net income forecast has been lowered for these reasons as well as to incorporate the special loss explained in the previous section. As a result, Capcom revises the forecast for consolidated business for the fiscal year ending March 2014.”