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Hyrule Warriors Retro Adventure Mode Will Feature Online Connectivity

We already know that Hyrule Warriors won’t feature an online co-op mode like previous titles, but instead the Adventure Mode will feature some kind of online connectivity. Hyrule Warriors Producer Yosuke Hayashihas told Game Informer that “The Adventure Mode features a ‘Network Link’ feature. This allows you to add a ‘Link’ to your maps whose level is based on other users’ play data. If you come to this Link’s aid and fight alongside him, you’ll get access to special bonuses.”

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Hyrule Warriors Will Have Some Form Of Online Functionality

The official Nintendo website says that Hyrule Warriors will feature some form of online functionality. It won’t have online co-op, but will instead feature a special battle in adventure mode that will be playable online. We should get more details in the near future.

“purchase of additional content, automatic posting of play status to Miiverse, and play special battle in adventure mode”

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Hyrule Warriors Won’t Have Online Co-op Mode, But Will Have Local Co-op

The official Hyrule Warriors Twitter account has confirmed that the action packed title won’t feature an online co-op mode, but will instead have local co-op for you and a friend. The news will come as a disappointment to some as recent Dynasty Warriors titles have always included online play. Hyrule Warriors is due out next month.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Multiplayer Isn’t Region Locked Between North America And Europe

The official Capcom Unity blog has clarified that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate multiplayer mode won’t be region locked between North America and Europe. You’ll be able to play against both North American gamers and European gamers, but not against Japanese.

I’m proud to confirm that multiplayer in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will work amongst both North American and European versions, online AND locally!


Devil’s Third Will Have 16 Players For Online Mode And Unique Wii U GamePad Support

Former head of Team Ninja, Tomonobu Itagaki, has told Famitsu that he wants Devil’s Third to feature unique online elements. Itagaki revealed to the Japanese publication that the game’s online mode will support up to sixteen players and will feature some unique Wii U GamePad support. He also mentioned that the game takes place in North America. Here’s what Itagaki had to say to the magazine.

“It is our policy to make full use of the hardware’s characteristics. I’m currently thinking along the lines of having something other than having you press down on the Wii U GamePad, and something that will make you say, ‘Oh, I see!’”

Devil’s Third will have up to 16 players for its online mode, and Itagaki also mentioned that they’ll continue building on it after the game is released.”

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Reggie Says Not Having A Single Player In A Multiplayer Game Would Be A Mistake

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told Venture Beat that in the current market, making a multiplayer only title would be a mistake. However, Reggie concedes that on online titles such as the recently announced Splatoon, the majority of time will be spent by gamers on the multiplayer component. But he says it’s important that the game has a campaign mode.

GamesBeat: I’ve seen quite a few games that have multiplayer only, is why I ask. In some ways that seems like a good way for smaller companies to cut budgets and save time. But it also seems like it’s a direction gamers are going in.

Reggie: I’d disagree on that last point. I think gamers want a full-featured experience. I think it’s actually a mistake to cut out modes. Now, certain games, in the way they’re conceptualized, they are what they are. I played Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubi’s five-on-five game. The innovation there is that it’s a one-shot kill. Now there’s strategy to it, which makes that interesting. I don’t know if they’re going to have a mode where all of the other entities are non-playable characters. That doesn’t seem like a lot of fun to me. I think it needs to be that online multiplayer to bring it to life.

So it depends on the game. But in the first-person shooter genre, I would argue that not having a fully featured campaign mode, in this day and age, would be a bit of a mistake. Even though all of the hours played are likely going to be in multiplayer.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate For Nintendo 3DS Is Region Restricted Online

Capcom Community Specialist Yuri has confirmed that when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate releases in the west, players will not be able to play against Japanese gamers. Yuri explains that the Japanese and western releases of the game will be hosted on different servers. The same thing happened with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is exclusive to 3DS and launches early next year.


Mario Kart 8 Restricts Online Chat To Friend Only Lobbies

IGN has revealed that voice chat in Mario Kart 8 is restricted to friend only lobbies. This means that you won’t be able to voice chat with other players in an open online lobby. The publication also says that the game doesn’t provide you with message notifications.

“Chat is restricted to lobbies with friends only. There’s no option to invite friends into a game, and Mario Kart 8 also doesn’t provide message notifications. This is seriously disappointing because you have to use outside means to coordinate friends-only races.”

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Nintendo Ending Wi-Fi Connection Service For DS And Wii May 20th

Nintendo has confirmed that certain online functionality, including online play, matchmaking and leaderboards for many Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games, will no longer be accessible. The service will be closing on 20th May 2014 worldwide.

The service’s retirement will affect 20 Nintendo published Wii games and Wii Ware titles, including Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii and Pokémon Battle Revolution. More than 40 Nintendo published DS and DSi software titles will also be affected, such as Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Pokémon Platinum Version, Professor Layton and the Curious Village and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The full list of titles are available on the official Nintendo of Australia website

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