Ubisoft Engineer Appears To Be Teasing The Next Entry In Prince Of Persia Series



Drew James, one of the engineers at Ubisoft Reflections, has added further speculation that a new Prince of Persia title is in the works. We heard last week that Ubisoft is apparently preparing to show off a new 2D Prince of Persia game using the UbiArt Framework which powers Rayman Legends and the forthcoming, Child of Light. Interestingly the account seems to have disappeared from Twitter.

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Could Climax Studios Be Working On A Prince Of Persia-esque Title?

climax studiosSilent Hill: Shattered Memories developers Climax Studios has been more than a little sneaky today as tech demo images cropped up of an ‘unannounced title’ with a similar art style to the Prince of Persia series. However, the said images of the character action platformer have now been removed from their official website but you can take a peek over at Gamespot, where they managed to nab them in time. Screenshots of another unannounced title have replaced the aforementioned, which is assumed to be a horror title.

Prince Of Persia Creator’s New Game Is Heading To Wii U

Prince of Persia creator, Jordan Mechner, developed a game back in 1984 which was titled Karateka. The game saw you assume the role a of a practitioner of martial arts, who then sets out to rescue a princess from the evil Akuma. This game is currently being developed for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and iOS, but a recent ESRB rating reveals that Karateka is also destined for Wii U.