Video: Unboxing The Limited Edition Project Zero Bundle

Project Zero: The Maiden of Blackwater launches tomorrow in Europe and is only available at retail via a limited edition bundle. To give us a closer look at the bundle, YouTuber NintenDaan has uploaded a special unboxing video. If you want to get your hands on a copy and you are from the UK then you can purchase the Project Zero: The Maiden of Blackwater bundle at the Nintendo UK Store.


Video: Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water Opening & Prologue

Popular YouTube GameXplain have gotten their hands on the long-awaited western version of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. If you’re a fan of horror titles then it looks set to be a title you won’t want to miss, plus it features deep GamePad integration. The video takes a look at the dark opening and prologue sequence which you’ll be able to play through yourself on October 22nd.

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Nintendo UK Store: Project Zero: Maiden Of Black Water Limited Edition Up


You can now pre-order the special limited edition of Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water from the Nintendo UK Store. The special edition of the horror title, which releases on October 30th, will set you back £50. If you pre-order it you will get the game, a double-sided poster, an artbook, four Spirit Photographs, and a steelbook disc case. You will only be able to purchase the special edition if you want a physical copy of the game. Otherwise you will need to download it from the Wii U eShop.

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Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Will Be Showcased On Treehouse Live Today

Good news for horror fans as Nintendo Europe has tweeted that Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water will be showcased on Treehouse Live via Twitch and YouTube later this evening. The game is titled Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water by Nintendo Europe, so we can assume that’s its official name when it launches here in Europe later this year.

XSEED Says It Has No Plans To Bring Fatal Frame 2 To North America


A member of Neogaf has reached out to publisher XSEED to see if there’s any chance they will bring Project Zero 2 – which is known as Fatal Frame 2 in America – to North America. The publisher responded by saying that XSEED has no intention of trying to publish any Fatal Frame titles, and that the person who asked the question should try to contact Tecmo Koei America. Here’s their response.

“Afraid that we have no intention of trying to publish any Fatal Frame titles. Speaking to Tecmo Koei America is going to be your best bet for that title.”

Fatal Frame IP Now Officially Co-Owned By Nintendo

The Fatal Frame/Project Zero IP is now officially co-owned by Nintendo. The platform holder recently updated its copyright status and now has control of the spin-off Spirit Photography IP, and they co-own the Fatal Frame IP. Nintendo now has ownership and publishing rights of the remake.

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Spirit Camera For Nintendo 3DS And Project Zero 2 For Wii Are Coming To Europe

Nintendo has announced that the game created by the Project Zero series development team Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is coming to Europe. Spirit: Camera is a truly unique horror experience that utilises all of the features of the Nintendo 3DS system to truly bring the frights to life. Use the accompanying “purple diary” – a 16-page AR Book included with the game – to view ghostly images and interact with the world like never before. European Horror fans will also be interested to know that Project Zero 2: Wii Edition will be coming to Europe.