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Spirit Camera For Nintendo 3DS And Project Zero 2 For Wii Are Coming To Europe

Nintendo has announced that the game created by the Project Zero series development team Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is coming to Europe. Spirit: Camera is a truly unique horror experience that utilises all of the features of the Nintendo 3DS system to truly bring the frights to life. Use the accompanying “purple diary” – a 16-page AR Book included with the game – to view ghostly images and interact with the world like never before. European Horror fans will also be interested to know that Project Zero 2: Wii Edition will be coming to Europe.

15 thoughts on “Spirit Camera For Nintendo 3DS And Project Zero 2 For Wii Are Coming To Europe”

  1. Project Zero 2? Isn’t that Crimson Butterfly? Strange releasing a PS2 game yet not localising Fatal Frame 4 which is already on the Wii.

  2. Mike S – as it’s not yet completed or anywhere near being so as to give a firm release date. Blatanlty obvious really.

    Really nice to see Nintendo Europe stepping up a gear over the last year or two. They and THE Games (Nintendo Europe’a previous publisher) have treated us fans almost like scum for close to two decades so it’s all gravy at the moment.

    1. You work for Nintendo and know that? Can you tell us when the release date of the Wii U will be? Stfu, no one knows how long it’s been in development. I heard they started work on it when they tested the 3DS hardware on the first one and Miyamoto decided to make the sequel. It could be ready for a May-June release for all we know.

  3. I actually got an import of Project Zero 4 and patched it to play on my wii, due to loving the series so much. So this is terrific news to me, cannot wait to hear more about this!

  4. Spirit Camera looks interesting, but a couple of questions:

    1. Will it have good replay value?

    2. Will it bomb at retail?

    I see casual gamers and clueless parents buying Resident Evil over Spirit Camera … Mainly because of the Resi branding being popular with horror fans.

  5. Why are they releasing Project Zero 2 and not Project Zero 4, you know the only Project Zero game that no one outside of Japan got.

    I really hope that Nintendo release Project Zero 4 as well.

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