Nintendo UK Store: Project Zero: Maiden Of Black Water Limited Edition Up


You can now pre-order the special limited edition of Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water from the Nintendo UK Store. The special edition of the horror title, which releases on October 30th, will set you back £50. If you pre-order it you will get the game, a double-sided poster, an artbook, four Spirit Photographs, and a steelbook disc case. You will only be able to purchase the special edition if you want a physical copy of the game. Otherwise you will need to download it from the Wii U eShop.

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  1. Thats stupid. Why would Sega do that when Bayonetta 2 breached over a million in less than a year. Japanese developers have no common sense these days.

  2. Am I the only person noticing that Europe is getting special editions of just about every damn Wii U game that is coming out and here in the U.S. a.k.a. the largest buyers of video games in the world…aren’t getting shit…??

      1. Seriously, the UK has a S.E. of Woolly World, Mario Maker, Fatal Frame V, and I won’t be surprised if they get a Star Fox and Xenoblade special editions as well…

  3. *twitch* I wish Nintendo of America would give us a fucking release date for the United States soon. If the fucking Wii U wasn’t fucking region locked, I’d say fuck it & just get the UK version if Nintendo of Americunts make us wait even longer than Nintendo of Europe for this game.

      1. Oh yeah. I totally forgot the rumor floating around that Nintendo of America won’t even give us a physical release, much less a bundle.

    1. The worst part of this is that their poorest sales are in the UK as well. So why are they getting all these bundles and we get jack-diddly-squat!? Makes no sense. The Xbox One does the best in that region, and the Wii U, 3DS and PS4 do best here in the States.

      We didn’t get the New Nintendo 3DS. We didn’t get many of the different console and game bundles for various game releases. We don’t get a good deal of portion of games from Japan while the UK does. And, yet…we’re told by a certain Nintendo employee it’s because fans of said games like Xenoblade and Fatal Frame are niche. If they’re sooo niche here, can they please explain why the UK gets those games first? Makes no fucking sense.

      And, this is coming from someone who wasn’t a fan of Xenoblade Chronicles X or Fatal Frame. There’s just no proper communication from Nintendo to its fans about why these delays between the US and UK are even still a thing. I could get the releases being one day apart, but MONTHS?! Puh-leeze.

        1. It’s to try to kick start console sales, you release lots of limited editions (let’s be honest gamers are suckers for a throng with “limited” written on it). It creates a sales blip especially with a popular series like Fatal Frame which a Wii U exclusive now which could cause a rise in console sales in Europe.

      1. Well, this trend is only a recent thing. For years Europe has been totalled screwed compared to the US. The first time we got to play Chronotrigger on a Nintendo platform, officially, was when it was released on the DS. Plus SMTIV was never released at retail, only download.

        Don’t think that the Americans are the only ones that get screwed.

      2. Because they aren’t just sold in the UK dumbass they are sold in ALL of Europe so yes they sell better.

  4. “You will only be able to purchase the special edition if you want a physical copy of the game. Otherwise you will need to download it from the Wii U eShop”.
    No shit! XD
    I never though digital came with physical extras lol.

    1. Valve has never put their games on nintendo consoles, and I don’t think they ever made ports for ps4 and xbone, but they’re rumors of l4d3, maybe that will be released on NX

  5. I wish the USA was merely getting a physical release… others are getting loaded special editions.

    Maaaaaan, fuck NOA.

  6. Hey NOA

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