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You Can Get A Shiny Rayquaza Right Now In Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon fans in North America can now get a Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This rare dual type Dragon and Flying Pokemon can be yours by selecting the “Mystery Gift” option at the main menu of either game, after which you must hit “Receive Gift” and then “Get via Internet” – it’s that simple. Once those steps have been followed, you can pick up your gift from the delivery girl in any in-game Pokemon Center. The Shiny Rayquaza on offer knows the Dragon Ascent move, which allows it to Mega Evolve.

25 thoughts on “You Can Get A Shiny Rayquaza Right Now In Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire”

  1. Yeah, make it more easier to get these “rare pokémon”, whats the point of them being legendary and all if you don’t put in effort of finding them and catching them as well.

    1. Well, by now people would have finished the game and you pretty much get rayquaza handed to you, there’s has always been the mewtwo ish lengendaries and the event legendaries since gen 2

      1. In blue version you battle it out with Mewtwo to catch him. That’s the way it should be I feel. I want a Charmander and a Squirtle personally.

    2. Vote with your wallets instead of your brains, lol, that how you ended up with Amiibo Festival.

      You do know you’re complaining about a simplistic, watered-downed RPG game made for toddlers being…wait for it…SIMPLE!

      Yeah, don’t game on Nintendo if easy, censored, friend codes, pay to win, playing with kids (or middle-aged pedos) online, long periods of waiting time to finally get Metroid Prime Federation and…lmfao… Amiibo Festival, lies, Charged Day 1 DLC, Season Pass DLC, Amiibo toys DLC, Amiibo cards DLC, paid subscriptions to trade from previous games to rinse and repeat new games, 3 versions of the same shovelware game, Charged for limited and restricted wallpaper, other microtransactions to fill in the gaps of their own short commings on top of little to no online features or compatibility (like if it were still the 80s) ain’t your thing.

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  3. I was excited when I saw this title for this article… til I remembered that I can’t name Pokemon that we get through Mystery Gift. :/ GameFreak seriously needs to get rid of that bullshit.

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