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XSEED Says It Has No Plans To Bring Fatal Frame 2 To North America


A member of Neogaf has reached out to publisher XSEED to see if there’s any chance they will bring Project Zero 2 – which is known as Fatal Frame 2 in America – to North America. The publisher responded by saying that XSEED has no intention of trying to publish any Fatal Frame titles, and that the person who asked the question should try to contact Tecmo Koei America. Here’s their response.

“Afraid that we have no intention of trying to publish any Fatal Frame titles. Speaking to Tecmo Koei America is going to be your best bet for that title.”

28 thoughts on “XSEED Says It Has No Plans To Bring Fatal Frame 2 To North America”

      1. That’s an asshole move. Why release a game (any game) in Europe but not America or Vice versa. Western Europe and America are basically identical Markets , Generic Sports games , Gerneric Shooters , Nintendo , Dance and singing games .

        The only difference between Europe and America is Xbox sells more in USA and PS sells more in EU. But the difference is minimal.

        Japan however is totaly different to USA and EU.

  1. It is in Europe but not the USA unfortunately. Xseed has been great at getting awesome games to deprived USA consumers. It is a shame that this is not planned for the usa

  2. Just let them do whatever. They are busy localizing the best games from Japan.
    We already have Fatal Frame 2, it is the least priority to them.

  3. This is bad news for the fans in the U.S. I live in the UK so fortunately this doesn’t effect me, I still hope to pick this up but with all the great new 3DS and Wii U games I don’t think it will be happening any time soon.

      1. I modded my wii specifically for FF4, but I BOUGHT a legit Japanese copy. Why should it not just be made available? I’m willing to pay 6700 yen to have it.

      1. if nintendo has a hd collection for this, with all four games, none of this should be a problem, they probably wont tho, they own fatal frame, dont know why they wouldnt do this

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