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PAL Wii U Virtual Console Games Run At 50Hz On Console And Gamepad


A member of the Neogaf forums has discovered that European Wii U Virtual Console games are running at 50Hz on both the console and the Wii U GamePad. At present the only game available is Balloon Trip, but it seems likely that other games will follow suit. The forum member points out that 50Hz is an antiquated refresh rate used almost exclusively by European CRT PAL televisions. NTSC CRT TV’s from the US and Japan refresh at 60Hz. There appear to have been a number of people complaining about this exact issue on the Balloon Trip Miiverse community.

56 thoughts on “PAL Wii U Virtual Console Games Run At 50Hz On Console And Gamepad”

  1. Well it is not a surprised or anything really. They are like 50hz anyway and it is a virtual console, Not games being remade so not that botherd really.

    1. Of course you will have to deal with it. Nintendo is always behind in technology. Despite being Japanese, the company has no idea what modern technology is. You should get a gaming PC instead, nerd.
      ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. Yeah cause Nintendo is the one who made Sucky TV’s in europe… frankly if europe couldn’t copy the TV correctly then it’s their own fault… Stop blaming nintendo for everything

        1. It’s not ‘sucky’ TVs in Europe. At least, that’s not the problem now. PAL and NSTC were developed seperately, completely different systems doing the same thing. Since HD came around though there’s no reason PAL users couldn’t play the game as it was intended, at 60 HZ.

  2. Wait, is this the same problem that made the games run slower? -.-
    I remember when i bought the original Castlevania and the music was way slower than it was supposed to be

    1. It makes games look like they have a worse framerate is all. It’s the frequencey of which the TV displays each single image (regardless of the games actual framerate).
      So if you playing a 60FPS game on a 50HZ TV it will affect the way it appears to be peforming.

      That’s why Modern Post 2011 TV’s with 100HZ+ Refresh rate are the best and increases th quality of your picture.

      1. No, it actually does slow the game down, music, animation, speed of movement, everything.
        AND IT SUCKS.
        Nintendo need to sort this or I won’t be purchasing anything for full price (might still get Super Metroid. But a game like F-Zero which is about the feeling of speed, what would be the point?)

  3. The difference between 50 and 60 is barely noticeable, plus, anyone who had a PAL tv would already be used to it by now

    1. Back in the days of the NES 50Hz did make a difference. Pal versions used to run noticably slower than ntsc versions and the music was drastically slower! PAL get it tough! My gamecube only does 480i thru component!

        1. Metroid Prime and Echoes could be run at 60Hz if you had a TV that could do it. All GameCube games could be run at 50Hz because PAL TV’s were all 50Hz.

        2. No, you were right. I completely forgot about the time I tried running Metroid Prime 2 on my old TV. That was the only GCN game that required it.

  4. Makes no odds to me! It’s as if i have the actual UK NES game! If i want to play in 60Hz, I’ll play it on my 3ds!

  5. I downloaded the North American version of Balloon Fight. They implied a terrible interpolation filter over the graphics to make everything blurry and fuzzy. It looks worse on the Wii U than it does on the Wii or the 3DS. This does not bode well for the Wii U VC, as all their VC games are likely to use this same filter.

    They need to fix it. Or at least allow the user to turn the filter on or off.

      1. Really? My graphics look fine, not blurry at all. i dont understand what exactly your problem is, i dont have it.

  6. That’s weird. They’re definitely blurry. You can’t see the edges of the pixels. Instead of a sharp little square it fades from the color of the pixel to the background color. That makes the picture blurry. I find it awful, it’s like looking at the game through bad glasses.

  7. That’s because a lot of the TVs and systems back in the day used a filter to make things look nice. Compare playing Zelda OOT on the TV to an emulator; the emulator eliminates this filter. I had the same issue when I had my 3DS (long personal story I’m not getting into) with LA but it didn’t bug me as much. So it’s blurry a bit, who cares? I have eye issues and require glasses, so without my glasses, I see blur anyways. I don’t see the damn big deal. Just gimme my gameplay. :3

    1. No, this filter isn’t in the original. If it was, then the Wii version would look the same. The Wii U version is blurrier than the Wii version or the 3DS version.

  8. Yall do realize this was an NES game right? Quit your bitchin n play the damn thing or don’t. Be glad for what you receive for 30 damn cents, and the fact that the game came out over two decades ago should also justify yall silencing yaselves. My jesus. Kids these days. If it ain’t one thing it’s another.

    1. The problem isn’t that this 30 cent game has a bad interpolation filter applied to it, the problem is that Nintendo is likely to use the same bad filter on all the Wii U’s VC games. Even the $8 ones.

      And I’m not a “kid”. I’ve been playing video games for almost 4 full decades. I care about emulation, a LOT. Would it hurt nintendo to just allow folks to turn their blur filter on or off? If you like the blur turn it on, if you don’t like it then turn it off. But they don’t let you.

      1. If they use the filter on all VCs then yea, this could turn into an issue. But that’s an assumption that we really have no current reason to believe they’ll do. We’re basing a whole Virtual Console system after an initial first release 30 cent VC game. No reason to jump the gun until we see what pans out in the next few months.

        1. But this is game they chose as the showcase for their new VC. Which makes me assume that this is what the VC on the Wii U is going to look like. The price of the game has nothing to do with it.

          1. I’m with zorp… I’m actually kind of disappointe overall with the choices they’ve made in general for Virtual console… Has anyone noticed the file size? 35MB… the original rom was 16 KB … Why are they building the emulator into the rom file itself? … Why would a company choose to reprogram and update HUNDREDS of Virtual console roms instead of just building the VC emulator into the system itself… or even just make an App… … it feels like I will have to Pay $1 per file … because nintendo made a stupid choice…

    1. Oh 20 years old, my bad. Haters are right! We deserve an HD remake of a game about popping ballons! Down with low rez tyranny! Majoras Mask for all! /sarcasm

  9. Sickr, did you see there’s a magazine which finally reveals more details about Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon multiplayer? Apparently, it’s a co-op mode up to 4 people can play as Weedgie with different color pallets. It’s all in Japanese, so I can’t tell if it’s only local, or online multiplayer! >_<

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  11. “The forum member points out that 50Hz is an antiquated refresh rate used almost exclusively by European CRT PAL televisions. NTSC CRT TV’s from the US and Japan refresh at 60Hz.”

    You and the forum member both missed the part where plenty of (then-)modern PAL CRTs can display at 60 Hz just fine, either as PAL-60, NTSC, or both.

  12. It just makes no sense. There are plenty of console who can handle a refresh rate of 60 hz.
    In the Homebrew channel everything is also 60 hz. Why does NIntendo has to make such a stupid decision. It’s really simple keep it 60 hz worldwide. No slowdowns and everything stays the same. Sheesh.

    I didn’t buy the Wii-U to go back to the 90s now did I….

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