Rumour: Bravely Second Swaps Out Native American Headdress For Cowboy Hat


Multi-platform news site Destructoid has received a very interesting news tip suggesting that in the localisation of Bravely Second, the new Native American class called Tomahawk will be swapped for a Cowboy class in the western version.

Apparently, the image that sparked the rumour was spotted on a “Spanish store” and then reposted on Imgur, however the validity of this claim is still unconfirmed.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Nintendo has made changes in localised versions of their games. What do you think of this rumour? Let us know in the comments below.

Rumour: Daisy Costume Discovered On Japanese Super Mario Maker Site

Update: As most of you guessed this is actually fake. Thanks to cheatmaster30 for the update!

Well this is certainly an interesting turn of events! Twitter user Tomboy Daisy has apparently discovered a Daisy costume on the Super Mario Maker Japanese site. If this is indeed legitimate then it is unknown as to whether the costume will be added as downloadable content or alternatively it was a scrapped idea.

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Rumour: Retro Studios Next Game Could Be A New IP

Liam Robertson from Unseen64 has revealed on a recent podcast that he is under the impression that Retro Studios could be hard at work on an original IP that they proposed to Nintendo. We know that they finished work on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze back in late 2013 and have since been pitching projects to Nintendo. The new game was apparently green-lit by NCL in 2014.

“I don’t actually know what the project is, exactly, but I know that it is something that Retro themselves pitched. … They came off of Tropical Freeze in very late 2013, I think it was, and they continued throughout 2014 pitching new projects. … And then they eventually pitched a project that went through, and NCL greenlit, and I assume that’s what they’re doing now—by all accounts, it is.”

“I don’t think Retro wants to do [Metroid Prime 4]. … I’d be surprised if Retro themselves pitched [that]. I think they’ve had their fill of Metroid. … And if it is Metroid, then it will be something different—like maybe a 2D one, or something—different from Prime.”

“I think they have the potential to work on multiple projects, but I feel like the money isn’t there. People don’t realize it, but Retro is one of the priciest studios for [Nintendo] to maintain, and I can’t see them letting them do two projects at once. As far as I know, they have one NCL producer with them right now, and I couldn’t see this person overseeing both of them; I think this person would be doing one.

… And you were saying, ‘could it be an original property?’ I think, actually, the time is now for Retro to do an original property. They’ve done two established Nintendo franchises, they’ve done Metroid and Donkey Kong, and I think now is the time to let them take hold of the reins a bit more for themselves and do that. And I think if it is something that they pitched themselves, then that does make it more likely that they pitched something original.”


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Serkan Toto Talks More Nintendo Mobile Rumours

Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based game industry consultancy Kantan Games, has dropped a few more rumours regarding what the expect with regards to Nintendo’s first entry into the mobile space. We shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out what the Kyoto based company has planned as no doubt their first mobile game will be mentioned during the investors briefing on Thursday.

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Nintendo Rep Claims Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Doesn’t Have Online Play

GameXplain recently got some hands-on time with the forthcoming Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival at a press event. What is surprising is that the representative from Nintendo that showcased the game stated that it doesn’t feature online play. Now this is interesting as you may remember that the European box-art suggested that the party game would feature online play. Hopefully this will get cleared up soon and the worry will be over.

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Rumour: Zelda Twilight Princess Icon Spotted On Wii U eShop

Now this could well be something interesting as a data miner has apparently spotted the logo for the Gamecube and Wii hit The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii U eShop. The reasons why it suddenly appeared on the Wii U eShop remain unknown but it would be rather nice to get either a port or a full HD remake like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker received. Hopefully we should find out soon if this actually amounts to anything. Let’s hope it does!

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Former NoA Employee Hints He Knows Who Next Smash Bros DLC Character Is (Update: Now Denied)

We all are left guessing who the next character could be in Super Smash Bros. What we can apparently rule out is the character is not Shovel Knight, Wolf, or Shantae and it is a newcomer that going to get a lot of people talking. Here’s what we know so far based on a number of tweets and forum posts.

  • This character is a newcomer.
  • This character is popular, but may not be the #1 character on the ballot.
  • This character would make a lot of buzz in social media.
  • This character is a first-party character.
  • This character’s inclusion shouldn’t be a surprise.
  • Although one of the guys promptly deleted the tweet, the character is not Wolf, Shovel Knight, or Shantae.
  • Apparently it’s a Newcomer + New Stage combo according to Stealth.

Update: Additional information has been supplied which suggests that “Not only is the new character not affiliated with the Smash Ballot according to those in the know, but the character is supposed to be revealed “very soon” & will supposedly be released by the end of the month.”