SNES PlayStation Prototype Apparently Spotted In The Wild

You most probably know that both Sony and Nintendo were planning to work with each other on something you may know as the PlayStation. The idea was scrapped by Nintendo, but a user on Reddit claims to have gotten his hands on the mystical device which played both CD’s and SNES games. We can’t verify its legitimacy, but the prototype certainly should prove to ensure some interesting discussion around the web.

“My dad worked for a company, apparently one of the guys he used to work with, I think his name was Olaf, used to work at Nintendo and when my dads [sic] company went bankrupt, my dad found it in a box of “junk” he was supposed to throw out.

“I have not had a chance to boot her up, I don’t have a power cable at the moment, but it seems like it’s a pretty common DC cable. I’ll have to get one and see how it goes.”

DigiTimes: Supply Chain Partners To Start Nintendo NX Production, Due For Launch In July

It seems relatively likely that the Nintendo NX will launch sometime later next year. DigiTimes is reporting that Nintendo is currently requesting that its supply chain partners start pilot production of components for the device in October 2015 at the earliest. The Kyoto based company is apparently looking to release the device in July 2016. The publication also reports that Nintendo is reportedly looking to ship 20 million NX consoles in the first year.

Nintendo reportedly is looking to ship 20 million Nintendo NX in the first year. The shipment volume of Wii U is estimated at two million units in 2015, according to Digitimes Research.

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Rumour: Diddy Kong Racing 2 Is Apparently Being Developed For The NX?

Kevin Callahan, the guy behind the original Diddy Kong Racing 2 rumour, is at it again and says that the sequel is now in development for the NX. Callahan says Nintendo is aiming at launching the NX for $149.99. The reason for the cheap price point is that Nintendo doesn’t want to compete against the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Callahan points to the fact that Nintendo has trademarked the word Diddy Kong and that Retro Studios haven’t revealed a new Wii U game as evidence that the game is coming. At this point in time this news is nothing but a big fat juicy rumour.

The Diddy Kong Racing 2 project was moved over to new hardware that will be launched in 2016. The new platform is aiming for a price of $149.99 to avoid competing directly (price wise) with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The company fears that it would be market suicide to release another overly expensive box in the middle of a console generation, when most consumers have already invested in a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Wii U development kits are being used to develop NX software; the NX hardware is technically a Wii U except with higher memory bandwidth and a more balanced CPU.

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Rumour: NX Won’t Be Android-Based But Will Emulate Android Games

You may have read the rumour that’s been circulating the web suggesting that Nintendo is partnering up with Disney and also Amazon. Well, the very same source claims that Nintendo’s next generation video game platform, the NX, won’t be Android-based, but it will allow for the emulation of Android games. This is just a rumour at present, and as I’m sure you are well aware, we won’t be hearing any concrete details about the NX until next year.

  • Nintendo will not create an Android system, but instead will emulate Android games. It’s not something that’s confirmed, but just an interpretation of the conversations. (Think how Blackberry is doing it)
  • When Nintendo announced their mobile games, Amazon was very interested in having the games also be on the Amazon App store.
  • Nintendo games will be on the Amazon store on day one, or shortly after Play Store and App Store.
  • Amazon is asking Nintendo what they need to do to have Amazon App Store games play on Nintendo consoles
  • Amazon got the impression that Nintendo is thinking about emulating Android games.

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Rumour: Nintendo Teaming Up With Disney For A Project And Amazon For Mobile Games

It is now post E3 and the rumour mill is still in full flow. The latest rumour suggests that Disney and Nintendo are both teaming up for a number of things including films, video games and interactive toys and merchandise. The second rumour is regarding Nintendo joining forces with Amazon to get their mobile titles on the Amazon App Store. Amazon apparently approached Nintendo about the deal. The rumour comes from the same source that apparently accurately predicted the wave three amiibo information as well as the collaboration between Skylanders and amiibo. Here’s some of the details.

  • Nintendo & Disney have negotiated a deal for films, video games and interactive toys/merchandise
  • amiibo are not included in Disney Infinity 3.0 because both companies are yet to set an agreement
  • Disney wanted to have Mario figurine in Disney Infinity, but Nintendo hasn’t made a deal yet
  • Mario could star in Disney films, such as Wreck-It Ralph 2
  • Disney wants a game where Mario and Mickey meet up
  • Nintendo is open to the idea, but want to set their own pace for it
  • Nintendo mobile games will hit the Amazon App Store
  • Nintendo will offer their mobile games through Amazon App Store
  • Amazon approached Nintendo about the deal
  • Nintendo asked Amazon about Amazon TV game
  • People at Amazon think that there is something related to Android going on
  • Nintendo is moving some of their data out of Amazon Cloud Servers to DeNA ones

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Is Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water An eShop Exclusive In The United States?

Nintendo of America clearly hasn’t forgotten about Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water as we were all privy to some creepy gameplay footage during one of the Treehouse segments that were broadcast last week. Nintendo updated its North American site to showcase a number of titles that were shown off at E3. What’s interesting is that the placeholder box-art has an eShop symbol on the side which could suggest that its destined for an eShop only release in the United States. This isn’t confirmation by any means, but I guess we should find ou soon.

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Rumour: Someone Has Destroyed Yarn Yoshi Amiibos, Pre-orders Being Canceled In France

Well, this is certainly odd! Rumours are coming in from Twitter and NeoGAF that a portion of the Yarn Yoshi amiibo figures have been destroyed by an individual or group. Because this has happened pre-orders across Europe are currently being canceled and notifications have started to go out to those that preordered the amiibo figures.

Update: “Yarn Yoshi pre-orders cancellations are only coming from France at the moment and they were first reported on @infoamiibo. Auchan (a major retailer) said on twitter Nintendo France destroyed bundles and amiibo, and the same goes for Boulanger (another major french retailer) who told us exactly the same thing.”

– Infoamiibo