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Gamestop Is Apparently Doing A Midnight Release For Super Smash Bros

IGN reader Jorgejjvr has posted that popular US video game retailer GameStop will be holding a midnight release for the forthcoming Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS. This hasn’t been officially confirmed by the company, but hopefully we will hear something soon. Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS will launch on October 3rd, but the midnight release will take place on the 2nd.

This news is from my local gamestop, they told me that they received an email that they will have a midnight release on October 2nd for the game, get hyped!!

Thanks, Jorge


Nintendo France Advert Says Smash Bros Coming November 21st, Company Says It’s A Mistake

An advert appeared on French Nintendo site P-Nintendo which seemingly advertised Super Smash Bros Wii U with a release date of November 21st. Nintendo France says that this was a mistake, but it seems to correspond with previous rumours which suggest that Super Smash Bros Wii U will be coming to the US on the 21st.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Won’t Be Coming To Wii U, Banner Was Apparently A Printing Error

Nintendo of Germany has confirmed that the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate banners that could be seen sporting a Wii U logo were a result of an apparent printing error. The company says that there’s no plans to bring Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to the Wii U.

“Nintendo of Europe confirmed, that the promotional banner with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and the WiiU logo at the Connichi in Kassel was a printing error. Monster Hunter 4 is exclusively planned for Nintendo 3DS – Capcom also refuted the rumours of a Wii U version.”

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GameStop Could Be Closing All Of Its Stores In Spain


Letters have apparently been sent out to GameStop employees in Spain telling them that their stores are closing. The company says that they will try and transfer some stores to another retailer in an effort to help the workers retain their jobs. Here’s what the letter says in English.

To all the workers,

Gamestop has taken the hard decision of leaving the spanish market.

After nine years supporting and investing in Spain in order to build a profitable business and despite all of your efforts, we couldn’t make it.

Right now we are working on the posibility of transfering a group of stores to another retailer, thereby achieving that the jobs of the employees of this shops can be kept.

In the next days you’ll recieve more information on the process, and I ask you that, within the delicate situation this assumes, among all get that the control of the business and the product be an added value to use in the negotiation of the trespassing of some of your stores.

I attach the formal communication letter of the start of the process, and I’m yours to clear up your doubts.


Antonio Gonzalez
Manager Director
Gamespot Iberia.

gamestop_spain_letter_2Thanks, Bruce B



Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS Players Given One Day Ban Online For Playing As Peach In For Glory Online Mode?

Reports are surfacing from Japanese image board 2Channel that players that decide to play as Peach in the For Glory game mode in Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS online are being given a one day online ban on suspicion of dishonest play. Japanese gamers have been trying to unravel why this is occurring and the main conclusion is that by using “Peach’s down+B attack (move that pulls out turnips) near the start of the battle, the game erroneously sees it as you’ve illegally brought an equipped item into the match” Here’s the transcript from 2Channel.

Q. After playing as Peach in the For Glory online mode, I was smacked with a 1-day ban on suspicion of dishonest play…

A. It’s a bug that has been reported by quite a number of players. The exact details are unclear at this moment, but it appears that if you were to use Peach’s down+B attack (move that pulls out turnips) near the start of the battle, the game erroneously sees it as you’ve illegally brought an equipped item into the match — that’s the most valid explanation that the community can come up with, for now.

It’s best that payers forgo using Peach in the For Glory mode for now.

Q. How long will the ban last?

A. The ban will last 1440 minutes, or effectively, for one full day.

Thanks, Michelle


Is Super Smash Bros Wii U Coming On November 21st?

We’ve heard a number of release dates for Super Smash Bros on the Wii U and most of those are scheduled for sometime in November. We won’t know anything until Nintendo decides to official grace us with an actual release date, but signs seem to be pointing towards November 21st, which is just before Black Friday 2014.

Thanks, WhiteEagle.


Could Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Be Coming To Wii U?


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate could be coming to the Wii U if these images are to believed. They were snapped at an event in Connichi In Germany and clearly show the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate logo next to the Wii U. This is clearly a rumour for now, but if anything is announced it’s likely to be at the Tokyo Game Show.


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