Those Toys R Us Amiibo Cancellations Apparently Due To Delays And Constrained Supply

A number of you contacted me to say that Toys R Us were cancelling your Amiibo pre-orders and purchases. It was initially presumed that this was due to a technical error that had cancelled a number of Wave 2, 3. and Lucario Amiibo pre-orders. Now it’s being reported that those who managed to contact Toys R Us customer service were actually being told that the company had received notice by Nintendo of a product delay and that Amiibo were being cancelled as a result until they had a clear indication of how much stock they were going to get in. There’s now speculation that Wave 3 may be held back until beyond February to ensure that there’s enough Amiibo figures to go round.

Thanks, Michelle

Rumour: It Appears As Though Pikmin 3 Could Be Temporarily Discontinued In US And UK

Hoping to get hold of a retail copy of Pikmin 3 for Christmas? Well it looks as though you’re going to have a hard job finding it new if you are in the United States or the United Kingdom. The game is fetching a pretty penny on eBay and is only available from sellers on Amazon US and UK at an inflated price. It looks as though Nintendo may have temporarily stopped retail production, though this is unconfirmed. Still, you can always purchase Pikmin 3 on the Wii U eShop.

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Is The Wave Three Amiibo Coming January 21st In The US?

This hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo, but a GameStop employee has told NeoGAF member SalvaPot that the Wave 3 Amiibo figures will be landing in the United States on January 21st. However, it should be noted that the rumoured release date is rather close to the Japanese Wave 3 date, which is January 22nd. Hopefully we will get confirmation from Nintendo of America soon.

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Hidden Palutena’s Guidance Found in Smash Bros Wii U Does This Mean More DLC Characters Coming?

Someone has unearth previously unused Palutena Guidance in Super Smash Bros on Wii U. While this could simply be content that was cut from the original game it has also led to speculation that additional downloadable content could be incoming for a new fighter. Nothing is confirmed at this point, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Here’s the dialogue that has been found.

Pit: Who is that?
Palutena: I have no data on this fighter. I can’t believe it.
Viridi: It must be an intruder from another dimension.
Pit: Whoever it is, the goal remains the same. To fight and win.

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Is This A Redesigned Wii U GamePad In Latest Mario Kart 8 Japanese Commercial?


Some eagle eyed readers have spotted what could be a redesigned Wii U GamePad in the latest Japanese Mario Kart 8 commercial. There’s clearly something off with the GamePad as it appears to be smaller with a larger screen. It wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo redesigned the GamePad, as the current one is rather bulky and unattractive. We shall have to wait and see.

Thanks, Ben G and Michelle

Rumour: GameStop Could Be Planning Something With The Exclusive Shulk Amiibo

The GameStop manager that correctly gave us the date for Super Smash Bros Wii U has sent in another tip. The company is apparently planning to purchase enough Shulk figures to match the preorders. Once these are sold out the company won’t be getting any more in to give the Amiibo figure a rare status. Then when the second shipment comes in they will apparently be listing them as used for a marked up retail price. This is only a rumour at present, but the company has been known for doing similar practises in the past.

As you likely know, Gamestop will be exclusively selling the Shulk amiibo next year. From what I’ve heard, we will only be getting enough amiibos to exactly match the number of preorders — no more, no less. The idea is to keep the figure rare, increasing its market value and driving up demand. Then, several months later, we will receive a second shipment to sell as “Used” for a marked-up price.