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Wii Is Here To Stay


No more theory’s and conspiracy’s, yes ladies and gentlemen the Wii is here to stay.

Nintendo have filed a trademark for the Wii, ending much speculation by myself and countless others who were prepared to believe that the Wii name was in-fact a hoax.

This will come as a surprise to many Nintendo fan’s who were expecting the company to announce the ‘official’ name at the E3 press conference scheduled for May 9th, but alas it now looks as if that isn’t going to happen.

Nintendo filed the trademark for the Wii on April 27th which you may remember was the day Nintendo dropped the bomb to its masses of fans, which in turn ensured many horrified, and shocked faces. But that’s not all, Nintendo have a priority date set of November 11th 2005 which means that the company favoured the name all that time ago according to Joystick

I will freely admit I was shocked when Nintendo decided to reveal the final name of it’s Revolution console. I mean who would have predicted the company would have called the machine Wii? *Looks around for show of hands*. But as time moves on, the name Wii has grown and found a little place in my heart, lets just pray it does the same for the general public.

2 thoughts on “Wii Is Here To Stay”

  1. Here’s hoping that when the console is fully revealed, the word “Wii” will begin to acquire more “power” behind it, and start to sound more informative than the super-frequent word “we”.


  2. Very intresting point, and one I havent seen raised yet.

    As with any brand name it’s going to take a while for it to be associated with it’s chosen market.

    Hopefully Nintendo’s forthcomming advertising campaigns for the Wii will help emphasize the reasoning behind the name to the public, and will help clear any confusion.

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