Wii Hide You Seek


Ready for some hide and seek action courtesy of the Wii?

A message-board poster who goes by the name 'Black Knight' claims that a new type of game is being developed for the Nintendo Wii. The game is based upon the popular child's game; hide and seek and is jazzed up for the 21st century by taking the form of a huge online multi-player game.

The poster 'Black Knight' claims that the games environment is based around a massive city/neighbourhood, but because the city lives and sleeps, the environment around you changes every time you play. For instance you made be able to hide inside the back of a parked truck one time you play the game.Though another time you may opt for the same hiding place, but the truck you last hid in may be gone forcing you to find another suitable hiding spot.

Another instance the poster gives is that one time your playing the game you may choose to hide in someone's back-garden, this may prove to be a successful method of hiding, and it's entirely possible you may get away with it. The next time you switch on the game you may want to try the same approach again, but this time the back-garden you previously entered may now be guarded by a fierce dog, and as most dogs would do, starts barking to the high heavens. This would then of course alert your rivals to your hiding position, and its game over.

To play the game you assemble teams and consequently team mates. With your team mates you can contact them using a microphone, via a specific chat channel so you can tell each other where to search and subsequently issue out commands. So how would you actually catch someone in the game? Well it appears that you have to physically run up to them, reach out with the controller and touch them. Once a player is captured, they can watch their team mates in action and still communicate with them via the microphone, though they wont be able to see their opponents for obvious reasons.

Hands up who doesn't think this game sounds like fun?. Its such a simple idea but one that has never been fully exploited by gaming developers before, and I personally think it could work a treat. The Wii is meant to change the way we play, and experience video games, something myself and millions of others are extremely excited about. This game looks like Nintendo is living up to its promise, and this game certainly sounds like it's a step in the right direction…

More information on this title can be found here.


  1. sounds like an excellent game and hopefullt one that will come through the development stages and make it into my living room!

    any news on a soul blade game using the wand as a sword would be brutal!

  2. Yup, yet again another fantastic game idea coming out of the woodwork for the Wii. ;)

    No news on Soul Blade as of yet for the Wii, but it would certainly be huge mistake for Namco to deprive Wii owners of the franchise.

  3. This sounds like a lot of fun. I can’t wait to sneak up on my mates that have been hiding in bushes or something!

  4. Hopefully it will be fleshed out enough to justify a full game. There have been so many games that have been great in concept, but the games just hav not been substantial enough to make them mre than an extended mini-game.

    Sounds brilliant though. Is there any official word on this?

  5. Its all dependant on the design and layout of the city.

    If its a game that makes you want to exlore its surroundings, mixed with a great online infastructure then this game has the potential to be a whole lot of fun.

    No official word from Nintendo as of yet. But il keep you all updated :)

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