Pokemon: Battle Revolution Screen Appears

As most of you will know, Nintendo held a business briefing in Tokyo this morning in which the company discussed when they would reveal the Wii's price point, and release date to eager gamers.

Though amongst other things, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed that a new game in the extremely popular Pokemon franchise will be making an appearance on Nintendo's Wii console. Titled 'Pokemon Battle Revolution', Satoru simply announced that the game is to be released 'several months' after Pokemon Diamond and Pearl which is currently due to launch in Japan around November.

Sadly no other details were announced regarding the game, but stay tuned or subscribe to Sickr for any breaking news as it occurs…



  1. Lets hope so.

    It’s about time we had a decent home console version of the Pokemon franchise…

    The Gameboy has had it good for too long…


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