Nintendo Set To Provide Wii Details At Leipzig


Rumours are currently gathering momentum that Nintendo will provide Wii pricing, and release date details at this years Leipzig Game Convention.

The Game Convention takes place from August 24th to 27th in Leipzig, Germany. The convention itself is the European equivalent to Los Angele's E3 event which took place from May 10th-12th 2006. The convention is expected to attract a large number of the games industry's major players, who are all set to provide the latest gaming highlights of 2006 and beyond.

Sound rather familiar, I thought so…

The question currently on many peoples lips is; Why are Nintendo taking so long to give us the announcement, and any final details? Well the answer is quite simply; Nintendo wants to keep the hype machine rolling. By doing this the company is creating its own free brand of publicity, as not only is it making gamer's sit anxiously on the edge of their seats awaiting further details, but it's also allowing large amounts of rumours to surface by not providing concrete details of what we can expect from the Wii.

As we have seen, Nintendo seem to be steadily hinting in interviews and conferences about just what the console is capable off. The snippets that it have been revealed by the company since E3 are things that they could have shown and demonstrated at the E3 convention. Although we all personally moan about not knowing what Nintendo have in-store for us with the Wii, we all secretly love the hype, the anticipation, and the rumours, as it helps build up our anticipation level for the console.

And this is exactly what Nintendo wants…



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