Wii News Round Up



Today's Nintendo Wii news has completely grinded to a halt.

So much so, that the bigger publications out there appear to be reiterating news that was announced by Nintendo two days ago. This is something I do not wish to do, as I'm sure most of you readers will be up to date with the following headlines:

What I did find today for you is a new trailer for the surgery simulator Trauma Center: Second Opinion, which is developed by Altus, and is set to become the sequel to Trauma Center: Under The Knife. The title is currently scheduled for the Wii launch, which is set to be announced 'before September'.

This game is bound to give any of you who have a nervous disposition of surgery, the chance to finally face your fears…


  1. Shame that it’s not an actual video, but rather a slideshow. Still looks mighty impressive though.

  2. Ha, as I mentioned it’s a slow day in Nintendo land.

    Strangely it’s the only video/slideshow footage that I could find on the title.

    I’m guessing it wasnt shown, or playable at this years E3 event?

  3. Classic games my friend, classic games…

    I take it you’ve seen Exite Truck for the Nintendo Wii?

    If not, check out this fantastic looking gamplay footage.

  4. I was happy to see something of Trauma Centre,it is meant to be a launch game after all

  5. Yup, it will certainly be intresting to use the Wii’mote’ for pricise surgery techniques.

    It’s probably not a game I will purchase, but it definitely looks like fun.

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