Nintendo Wii: Online Gaming Is Confirmed To Be Free


Those of you who came away confused prior to reading Sonys recent console comparison chart which stated that the Nintendo Wii online functionality will only be free for six months, can now breath a deep sigh of relief.

Gaming publication Total Video Games contacted a representative of Nintendo UK to clear this confounding matter up, in return a spokesperson for the company confirmed that the Wii will indeed be free to play online from the off.

The aforementioned documentation from Sony was distributed during the recent Games Day in the States, in which Sony compared it’s PlayStation 3 against the other next generation consoles which will be on the market this Christmas.

The chart itself appears extremely misleading for the average consumer, with the Xbox 360 stated on the documentation as requiring the external HD-DVD drive for play, when in reality the device is of course optional.

So what was it then that caused Sony to state that the Wii’s online functionality will only be free for six months? Believe it or not it was down to the Opera Web Browser, which will be free for consumers for the initial six months…



  1. Wonderfull news!! I hope that they lauch the console in India at some point in time like Microsoft has done. What I like most about the Wii is its price and I love the controllers

  2. I’m sure the console will eventually make its way to India :)

    Just out of curiosity, when did the Xbox 360 launch over there?

  3. I really like the quick and easy free online stucture of the DS despite it’s per-game freind code system. It’s good that the online play for the Wii is similar.
    I had a Live account for the original Xbox and found out that many games I wanted to play online didn’t have dedicated servers provided by MS, I was basically paying for peer to peer gaming + paid MS Messenger like service.

  4. Nintendo proved true on its promise to provide free and simple online gaming with the DS, and it looks as though the company is set to retain the same philosophy when it comes down to the Wii. This in my opinion is definitely a great thing.

  5. Being forced to buy the Opera browser after six months is a downer. I have used Opera before, and frankly, a browser isn’t worth buying. There are dozens of great free browsers out there – it’s like selling water in a bottle…. oh wait…

  6. I’m not entirely in favour of purchasing the Opera browser either, but if you wish to browse the web using your Wii it’s your only choice. Sadly there are no alternate web-browsers available for the Wii thus far.

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