Photos Of Nintendo Wii Units Ready To Roll!



With the Wii’s launch growing ever closer, and the anticipation for the console reaching fever pitch, these images sadly won’t do anything to consul you on your impetuous wait.

Taken at Nintendo’s production facility in North Bend, Washington these photos show embargoed Wii units and merchandise ready to be shipped off to individual retailers for the imminent North American November 19th release date.



  1. I’d imagine it being a Nintendo production factory that the majority of workers would be just as anxious as us to get their overworked hands on a Nintendo Wii, but I could be completely wrong :)

  2. Thank you Sickr! I was in class and I needed to see these photos!

    Britain is going crazy for one of my posts. It’s all over the Nintendo forums =p

  3. Yoooooooooooooooo! That is too cool!!!

    I love the box with the “Do not sell before 11/19/06!”

    I can’t waittttttttttt!!! 10 more days!

    Oh and Sickr, I think I will make my video game related news on the blog have a “Canadian” twist to it in order to be “different” cuz your blog already rocks. hehe :P


  4. Hey Julian glad to be of service as always :)

    Sycho4u I’d advise differentiating your blog from the millions of others out their, if you could give it your own personal twist you’ll definitely be onto a winner! :)

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