Nintendo Ds: Animal Crossing = Free Zelda Gift!


If you’re thinking of plunging head first into the wild, and wonderful online world of Animal Crossing during the 17-24th November, then you’re in for a spellbinding treat.

Yes, those of you who delve into your virtual paradises via the Nintendo WiFi service will be treated to a enthralling Zelda themed gift, beamed down to your village directly from the big ‘N’ themselves.

So for those of you whose towns have been left in a state of disarray, and are inhabited by unruly residents, now’s the time to log back into your virtual world and provide some imperative law and order to your unattended metropolis.



  1. As expect there are lots of rumours floating around the web as to what the mystery Zelda related item could be. But apparently you can already get hold of both the Master-Sword and the Triforce already, so it’s bound to be something different :)

  2. Well, aren’t thr Triforce and Master Sword the only Zelda items out there? Is it possible to create something completely new that isn’t out there already?
    If that is possible, then a Hyrulian Shield would be cool.

  3. I can empathise with what you’re saying, but their are many items from the Zelda universe that could be used as a gift in Animal Crossing. For instance a Link outfit would be awesome don’t you think :)

  4. Yeah, that would be awsome, but is it even possible to put items that don’t exist into the game? It has never been done before, so I have my reservations.
    Oh, and is this an American, Europian or double release? By the fact it’s starting 2 days before the US TP release, I’d guessing it’s US games only (good for me, I imported it) but I just wondered if you could conferm it.
    Sorry to ask so much. Cheers.

  5. This Zelda related item should be available for all Animal Crossing players who have Internet access :) Nintendo previously gave away a free in-game item at Easter? So it is possible for them to feed new items into the game via the WiFi Service.

  6. Probably a master sword or triforce, since adding a new item apparently removed a space from you house forever (by taking up new memory)

  7. It’s still unconfirmed what the item is but as ever that hasn’t stopped the torrent of speculation. As soon as anything is confirmed I’ll let you guys know :)

  8. Hmm, from what I’ve read the ‘item’ should appear in your in-game mail box… If I find out any more information I’ll let you know :)

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