Nintendo Wii: Unboxed And Stripped!


Prosperous gaming blog Kotaku has inadvertently proclaimed itself to be the envy of the entire Nintendo community after receiving a much desired Nintendo Wii.

Delivered via FedEx, the brimming white package instantly drew a sizeable smile on the face of Kotaku editor Brian Crecente, who no doubt embraced the parcel as if it were a small child.

Once opened the generous package lay host to a sleek boxed Nintendo Wii console with an extra Wii’mote’ and Nunchuck attachment, and of course the much-needed software with which to test the revolutionary machines full potential.



  1. 8 more days and that will be me taking pictures!

    I don’t want excite truck though, not sure about that title yet.

    Nintendo Power!

    Later sickr and thanks for adding me to your blogroll! hehehe

  2. Only a few days left until I purchase that thing. Times go quick. Just yesterday I was looking upon E3 in celebration, now I sit waiting. viva pinata and gears of war are fantatic but Zelda is almost here.

  3. Hey Sycho4u :) eight more days = Lucky you.

    Try waiting till the 8th Decemeber, it isn’t going to be pleasant :)

    Hey Nicola here’s a picture of the console whilst unboxed.

    Wow Dpcough you’re one lucky guy, you have both of those titles? :O They’re not out here in England till later this month, but both look absolutely fantastic! I’m sure you’re having a lot of fun right now, and it’s only going to increase once you get your hands on a Wii :)

  4. Wow, the wait is unbearable now…. I have tried twice now to get a pre-order at Toy’s R Us, and have failed both times! Looks like I’ll be heading to Wal-Mart extremely early.

    Have you pre-ordered, Sickr, or are you going to brave the crowds on launch day? :)

  5. Oh yes I certainly have :) As soon as my work gave me a call I was down there in a shot to put down my pre-order.
    Thankfully I won’t have to queue due to me being an employee at a video games store, though I’m quite tempted to work the midnight launch we’re looking likely to have.
    Best of luck my friend on getting yourself a Wii on launch, I’m sure it’s do-able if you’re up early enough :)

  6. Someone put forward the interesting suggestion in IRC of going to a more unlikely place for a Wii on launch night, such as a 24/7 ASDA. Anyone know if they do actually tend to stock consoles on launch night? Never really thought about going there for such business before.

    There’s one near my house (well, 20 minute walk) that’s pretty far from the town centre and is basically in the middle of the suburbs, so I’m thinking that might be a good target for launch night. And if I come up with nothing, well… so be it. I don’t think I want to brave the town centre mugging potential.

  7. That’s always the best option, if for whatever reason you didn’t pre-order yourself a Wii. I’m sure though come the evening of December 7th, people who’re stuck in that unfortunate predicament will have had the hindsight to check their the local 24 hour Tesco. Well worth a try, I know that’s what I was planning to do on the launch of the Xbox 360.

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