Nintendo Wii: Contra III Heading To Wii


The coercive two dimensional Super Nintendo shoot ’em up is heading to the Wii this week, albeit only for the Japanese.

Retailing for a amicable 800 points, the influential ‘run and gun’ title known as Probotecter: Alien Rebels in both Europe, and Australia will undoubtedly go down a treat for those insatiable Japanese gamers who’re currently thirsting for more 2D shoot ’em ups on the Virtual Console.



  1. As a Wii owner that has FINALLY gotten their Wii online with the add of a recently acquired Wireless modem / router…I can say


    It’d rock if they’d allow this to be played in 2 player co-op online though. MORE VIRTUAL CONSOLE GAMES WITH ONLINE PLAY PLEASE!!

  2. oooo Contra III nice… oh dammit not for Aus right now?? damn i just bought a Wireless Router… god Dammit!! oh well Mario 64 will be mine… hehehe hey boys any friend codes (those number things to do online play and mail…) for us?? u never know when all of us might be playing SSBB online or even MP3 online… ahhhh… (salivates) now seriously Sickr and ppl, give some friend codes to keep in touch!
    see yas!!

  3. I think we’re all intent on getting our hands on the 2D wonder that is Probotector. Although no set date has been announced for us Westerners, it’s my belief that it shouldn’t be too far off considering that it’s now in the fortunate hands of the Japanese. I remember salivating over this game back in the day, it’s pure unadulterated Konami magic that’s for sure.
    With regards to friend codes I’m more than happy to add anyone that wishes to add me:

    1275 3580 7141 4743

    Feel free to add :)

  4. hey guys, about multiplayer,
    just having a idea here imagine how cool if, all 3 consoles came to an agrrement of making a inter console multiplayer? like, say, each console makes the same game (software), then for each console, they would have their top franchises. say, for the Wii u can use Mario, Link, Fox, basically SSb characters and more. then, for Xbox, they have the dudes of gears of war, Halo, whatever, then PS3 has … whatever they have… and yeah its all multiplayer and like they see each other’s character in each console’s resolution but each console supports the field in their own resolution 1080p for Xbox and PS3. and yeah we create teams and we can create teams between consoles and stuff or only teams from the same consoles… that would be mad… its not that hard to make an entirely Online game… WoW ppl would love it too.. hehehe if they joined up to make something maybe this console war wouldn’t be so agressive and more cooperative. (we nintendo ppl gang up on the Sony fans MWAhahahahahahaha) see yas

  5. BTW, Sickr, i’ve added u! ppl get some codes for us!! u never know i’ll become a game designer and make that online game hahaha. Well i’m actualy studying that at Uni… u never know what can happen.. hehehe

  6. We can but dream Andrezao, though nice idea all the same…

    Syscho you’ve got to trust me on this one, Gun Star Heroes is absolutely brilliant. And if you don’t trust me, well you can check out the average ratings for the scrolling 2D shoot ’em up here.

  7. yeah gunstar heroes is pretty nice, who’s the developer? do u reckon contra is better though? if u ever get confused on which one to buy, get both! u won’t regret it!

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