Nintendo Ds: Mario VS Donkey Kong Unleashed Upon Europe


The highly prolific title featuring two of Nintendo’s most iconic characters has duly received a March 9th release date in Europe.

This is the first time the opposing duo have appeared together for an extensive amount of time, although the bitterness between the two central characters certainly hasn’t faded.

Donkey Kong, who’s exceedingly jealous of mini Mario’s love interest Pauline, decides to send his numerous brigade of mini DK’s to kidnap the buxom babe, which in-turn sparks the ever intrepid Mario to rescue her.



  1. the game looks pretty nice, i think its releasing this month or the next here in Aus. we already have Mana, Yoshi DS, and a few other new ones too. at the moment Yoshi’s Island DS is my prey… mwahahahaha

  2. I’ll be honest and state I didn’t get round to playing the previous incarnation of this, but I’ll make sure to check it out this time around :)

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