Happy April Fools!


Whilst numerous online gaming sources have pronounced a slew of April Fools related tom-foolery, none have come close to the DarkZero crew who’ve announced the joyful arrival of the eagerly awaited Killer Instincts Kids edition. Check it out here



  1. good memories of KI on SNES… it was my first game on my 2nd SNES system… I had the Aussie version, whcih came with Super Mario All Stars (CLASSIC) and my Brazilian Version which came bundled with KI, it was a mad game, they might want to do a sequel on Wii or something… it’ll be nice

  2. OH! BTW, guess what? i spotted last Saturday a quite interesting item at a certain EB games store: POkemon Diamond and Pearl covers! i am so getting Diamond!! plus that headset which they also had the cover for looks sexy ;)

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