Nintendo Wii: Mario Strikers Online Play To Be Region Specific


Unfortunate news has emerged which suggests that Mario Strikers Charged online modes will be locked down to specific territorial regions.

The Official Nintendo Magazine broke the lamentable news in a interview with Mike Inglehart, Director of Mario Strikers Charged who stated the unfortunate measure was put into place to prevent lag issues.



  1. Honestly, next they will be announcing game specific friend codes…

    *remembers Pokemon Revolution*

    Curse you paranoid, child friendly Nintendo friend codes! Curse you!

  2. u know its not too bad cause friend codes will still work around the world, plus there might be a surprise, and region only is like PAL territories and NTSC territories, i mean, PAL= Europe, Australia, South America, NTSC= USA, Japan, Asia. thats still a lot of people…

  3. I don’t think friend code works in all territories since i can’t add a brother in the USA and i’m in Thailand so this is kind of bad.

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