Nintendo Wii: Game Developers Nervous About Making Games For Wii


Although the Wii’s been nothing short of a phenomenal success the world over, it appears as though developers are still fairly hesitant about developing games for it.

The reasoning being is that a few Japanese development houses see the Wii as nothing less than a fad – something that won’t actually stand the test of time sales-wise, and don’t want to waste precious financial resources developing for it.

“The Wii is like the ‘Billy’s Boot Camp’ weight-loss program on DVD. People bought it out of curiosity, and it’s likely a lot of them haven’t used it”.

– An unnamed Nikkei developer



  1. Humm… Could be true. Although I definitely use mine. It is hard to tell really, because lots of people don’t think that it is for ‘real gamers’. I however think that the only reason it is thought of like that, is because no one will publish that type of game on the Wii.

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