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Nintendo Wii: Animal Crossing Still Destined For Wii 2008


The ever-so-elusive foray into the weird and wacky world of Animal Crossing is still pencilled in for release this year.

According to popular gaming gossip site, Kotaku, the game has perched itself rather precariously on Nintendo’s 2008 release schedule, though unfortunately it’s got to be said that there’s no set date for the eagerly awaited title.


3 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Animal Crossing Still Destined For Wii 2008”

    1. LOL you’re kind of late.

      As great as the Wii version is, having to sit at one place doesn’t suit my style with the game. I like to be able to play the game as I do various chores around the house, so I still prefer Wild World.

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