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Nintendo Wii: New Zelda Title Coming Courtesy Of Retro Studio?


A nice fat jucy rumour has hit the interwebs at a speed unbeknownst to man suggesting that the acclaimed Retro Studios could be at the helm of the next instalment of the renowned Zelda franchise.

Of course this is all strictly rumour territory at this point in time, but giving the sterling work Retro Studios have done with the Metroid franchise it could easily become a poignant reality.


3 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: New Zelda Title Coming Courtesy Of Retro Studio?”

  1. Seriously, if Retro Studios is announced as the developer of the next Zelda title I think I would actually let out a deafening cheer.

    I love the Zelda franchise, but over the course of the Prime games Retro have nailed collosal puzzles and the creation of interesting item use in three dimensions, coupled with interesting combat.

    I also feel that a western developed Zelda might let it escape some of the things that are being referred to as ‘stale’ about the design (even if I disagree). I think Retro could create some genuinly unique items for Link to wield.

    But anyway, I’ll try not to get my hopes too high considering this is, after all, simly a rumour.

  2. That would be sweet. Retro was awesome with adapting Metroid into a 3d world. And, as you said, they did a good job with the puzzles and combat. I think they could do great things with Zelda as well.

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