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Nintendo Ds: 90% Of US Gamers Playing Pirated Nintendo DS Software


UK trade body ELSPA has sensationally claimed that 90% of DS gamers in the United States are playing pirated games.

 “Takings from Nintendo DS games in the US are lower than any other console and no doubt it will have a similar impact here… you may think you’re getting a good deal but using the R4 is risking the future of the games industry.”

– John Hillier, manager of ELSPA’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Ds: 90% Of US Gamers Playing Pirated Nintendo DS Software”

  1. everybody knows that pirating is illegal right? yet, people still do it for free stuff. AH THEY ARE CHEAP! please people. play games the right way…if you don’t, the gaming company will collapse!

  2. Maybe gaming companies should take a leaf from the R4 book: allowing games to be downloaded for a fee, like music…I for one, find the R4 convenient, because I don’t have to carry about 15 cartridges that I’d easily lose inside my purse/backpack/etc.

    I should totally copyright this idea =P

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