Nintendo Wii: Rouge Squadron Remake Coming To Wii?

Popular gaming publication Electronic Games Monthly claim that Lucas Arts will be re-releasing the Rouge Squadron series on Wii with improved visuals and full Wii controls.

According to the rumours section within the Magazine, Lucasarts will be handing the rights to the Rogue Squadron series to another Publisher, and similar to Capcom and Nintendo before them, release all three games, the first Rogue Squadron, Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike on the Wii. All three would be transferred onto one disc, and have upgraded visuals and Wii Controls. It is unclear if the original Developers, Factor 5, would be involved in any way.



  1. I think you’re thinking of X- Wing vs Tie Fighter which was indeed awesome. The Rouge Squadron series made its début on the Gamecube, and the original was later ported to the PC as Rogue Squadron 3D.

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