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Nintendo: Reggie Fils-Aime Says “It’s Hard To Say Something Nice About The PlayStation 3


Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, openly stated that “it’s hard to say something nice about the PS3″ when he was quizzed about Nintendo’s relentless competitors.

Whilst he wasn’t altogether too enamoured with the PlayStation 3, Reggie did however cite Xbox Live as an online platform that concerns both him and his companions over at Nintendo.


6 thoughts on “Nintendo: Reggie Fils-Aime Says “It’s Hard To Say Something Nice About The PlayStation 3”

  1. Of course he is going to make a statement like that. No CEO is going to make a statement stating that another company is better than the one he is in charge of running. It’s just bad business and would make him look like a fool. I say good move on Reggie’s part.

  2. They really need to update the Wii to a point where it’s decent. Of course, it’s better than the PS3, I don’t know anyone who even wants to own one of those things. The only good thing about it is MGS4.

  3. okay well i love the ps3 and the wii id rather have a ps3 over a wii because of the sweet games the ps3 has the wii barley has any good games the only good games for the wii are res 4,mad world,no more heros,and all the harvest moon games im sorry but the ps3 has way more games and is way better hints the free online play where the wii is like you need a friend code no one likes that and what nintendo is doing with sonic is bad they killed sonic from all the crapy games the only good games where the ones on the sega and game cube other than that they suck im a nintendo kid but im a ps3 fanboy befor any thing dont get me wrong i LOVE nintendo because a nintendo system was the first thing iv ever played

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