Nintendo DS: Nintendo DS Game Pirates Branded As Terrorists


President of Japan’s Association of Copyright for Computer Software,  Yutaka Kubota, has branded gamers who play Nintendo DS games illegally as terrorists.

In an interview with Japanese gaming bible, Famitsu, Kubota stated that gamers who download Nintendo DS games via the Internet and then upload them on their own flash-ROM carts are nothing short of terrorists seeking to destroy the gaming industry.

This is an issue that affects our national interests and, personally, I see it as a form of information terrorism that is crushing Japan’s industry. I know that Famitsu’s readers like playing games. I want them to be aware that unless we do something, nobody will be able to make the games they love to play. Not only will gamers wanting to play new games not be able to play anything, but people who want to join the game industry in the future will have their dreams trampled upon.

– Yutaka Kubota, Japan’s Association of Copyright for Computer Software



  1. Oh, but people who mod their consoles and download roms of other systems are fine. Just the DS piraters are terrorists. :P Nice going, Kubota.

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