Nintendo Wii: Miyamoto Speaks About Both Zelda And Mario Wii


Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken unreservedly to Wired Magazine about his ideas and enthusiasms for two of Nintendo’s biggest franchises for the Nintendo Wii.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

  • Originally tried having Mario and Luigi both on screen in Mario 64, experimented with different camera techniques. The resolution of visuals on the Wii is strong enough so that details can be viewed if the camera is pulled far back.
  • The main reason for creating a sequel was that the team hadn’t run out of ideas whilst developing the original game.
  • One of the biggest ideas is “China Syndrome”, where you drill a hole straight through the earth and end up somewhere on the other side of the planet. The team felt that this mechanic could make the “game a lot of fun”.
  • Yoshi was added as a means of grabbing/onto objects and as a way for Mario to carry things around.
  • Miyamoto would like to go for a little story as possible – he felt that Mario titles aren’t suited to a story. He feels backstories and character development might “weigh down the bright and fun feel” of a game.
  • Galaxy’s director Yoshiaki Koizumi hope to bring more story elements in, but with a little (unfortunate) persuasion from Miyamoto he’s agreed that there doesn’t need to be as deep a story.
  • However, the person carved out of a tree stump (in the trailer) has a little story.

Zelda Wii

  • Feels the industry has gotten into a habit of announcing/showing games too early.
  • Felt Metroid announcement was more important game to show at E3, given Nintendo feels the event is where products to be released in the next 12-months or so would be discussed.
  • The team have been focusing on gameplay/control elements, as opposed to visuals/story – and didn’t want to waste efforts creating a trailer for E3 too soon.
  • The current goal is to make MotionPlus a requirement to play the new Zelda.



  1. If you acually read comments, then take my word. Me, my friends, and everyone else LOVE the zelda storys. It’s imprtant to the frachise. Mario, little story is O.K., but think twice about little zelda story. PLEASE.

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