Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Finds Microsoft’s Project Natal “Ironic”


Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils Aime finds Microsoft’s Project Natal motion sensing camera rather “ironic“.

Whilst both Microsoft and Sony are busy claiming that they’re the future of video gaming with their motion sensing peripherals, Reggie Fils Aime stresses that the future is already here via the Nintendo Wii.

Our first reaction is that it is ironic that, three or four years ago, the prevailing industry opinion was that prettier pictures or more horsepower were the waves of the future.

And now it’s clear from both of our competitors that physical activity in gaming is the wave of the future. It’s also ironic that, for Nintendo, the future is here. The future is now.

– Reggie Fils-Aime



  1. What they clearly don’t understand though, is that Natal actually senses movement fully as if you are literally putting yourself in the game, all Nintendo is doing is sensing motion and still isn’t very good at it, hopefully that will change with Wii motion plus and the camera unveiled for the Wii by Ubisoft will change that.

  2. @ Chimera – Just after Wii was released (sometime in early 2007), Miyamoto was asked about Wii 2, and he stated that he wanted to do 4 cameras around the player, and wanted to motion capture the player and put them in the game. Face it. Nintendo’s superior to the competitors when it comes to innovative gameplay.

  3. It looks like the motion sensor on my TV for my Wii! First the Mii’s now this? Hmm seems to me Microsoft is stealing from Nintendo again. I hate when company’s have no originality so they just bite ideas and take whats not theres. Grr! Just keep doing your thing Nintendo we will support you! If M$ thinks this beef’d up Eye Toys going to win the hearts of gamers they got a nothing thing coming.

  4. 360 sucks anyways. The richest morons in the world want $50 a year to go online? And why can’t I surf the net on the 360? M$ manufactures computers for pete sake! Is internet too much to ask?

  5. Honestly I don’t want to surf the net on my 360, I have 5 other devices to do that in my house. I gladly pay 50 bucks a year to play games with 100,000’s online in MW2, Halo3, Battlefield 2 etc. Each console has it’s place, no need to bash

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