Nintendo Wii: Super Mario All-Stars Heading To Wii Or DS?


According to the latest issue of the prestigious Famitsu magazine Nintendo have issued a trademark for the Super Mario Collection.

Whilst links have been made between Super Mario All-Stars and the proposed trademark, nothing has actually been confirmed. Undoubtedly the title will surface for either the Wii Virtual Console or the Nintendo DS at some point in the near future.




  1. I hope to see this soon I’m guessing it will be VC but I’ll get it no matter the format. Was the 1st game I ever owned back in the day, always dissapoints me to play the nes versions instead of these too.


  2. OKay, why would they put All-Stars on VC. They have already released all of those 4 title on VC already. They’ll lose money if they combine them into one. Though…they could just raise the price. Either way. I think that they should do the same thing with this that they did with Kirby. Like update everything so it looks all spiffy and such. And then release all of them separately. More money for NOA…….I still want EARTHBOUND! :((


    1. Super mario world was officially super mario 4. Anyway new super mario bros wii is coming out if you want more retro action and the one for DS if you haven’t played it


  3. We’ve already seen two games from All-Stars remade for GBA not too long ago, with almost the same graphics and music. I think it would be really cool if they remade All-Stars and updated to fit the style of New Super Mario Bros, kind of like how they updated the styles of the games to match SMW way back in the early 90’s


  4. I certainly hope its the DS, because games announced for the Virtual Console remain in limbo for a LONG LONG time; or simply don’t get released.


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