Nintendo Wii: Next Level Games Interested In New Pilotwings And Punch Out!!


Next Level Games Bryce Holliday, Ken Yeeloy and Chad York sat down with the Official Nintendo Magazine to express their interest in developing a new addition to the much-loved Pilotwings and Punch Out!! franchise.

“I would love to make a sequel. I think with this first product, we wanted to make sure there was a definite, undeniable connection to the original. The sequel would be our opportunity to evolve the franchise further and add some cool, new things.”

Ken Yeeloy, Next Level Games



  1. It seems that Nintendo has given up on Pilotwings so I’m giving up on Nintendo. I would gladly pay twice the going price of a typical game for a well done Pilotwings sequel for the Wii not to mention buy the Wii game system. I bought a Game Cube anticipating a Pilotwings sequel for that system. You know how that went.

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