Nintendo Wii: Wii Price Cut Not Influenced By PS3 or Xbox 360

Wii Remote Jacket

Denise Kaigler, Nintendo of America vice president of corporate affairs, has stated that the recently announced Wii price cuts weren’t influenced by similar moves by its competitors.

“We were not driven by any other factors but our own business decision to do this. As I mentioned, this was timed to take place exactly when we’re executing it. The holiday period is the best time for us to offer this great incentive for these consumers on the sidelines.”

“We’re about to launch a couple of very strong titles. We announced yesterday the launch date for Super Mario Bros. Wii. We just launched Wii Sports Resort. On October 4, we’ll launch Wii Fit Plus. With the great content that has already launched on Wii and is soon to launch on Wii, the timing is right to give consumers even more incentive to go out and purchase the industry’s best-selling home video console.”

– Denise Kaigler, Nintendo of America



  1. bull….Nintendo had no other choice. paying 50 dollars extra for more features is good. paying 50 dollars LESS for even more features is even better! right Now…for all your paying…360 Is the way to go.

  2. such BS. They had no choice but to lower the price. Nintendo’s always lying about how they’re not affected by other companies.

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