Nintendo Wii: Amazon Slashes Price Of Wii In The UK


Amazon have taken one step further and have slashed the pricing of the Nintendo Wii in the UK to £139.99

Whilst most retailers are selling the Nintendo Wii for the recommended retail price of £179.99, Amazon have effectively started a price war and have seen fit to stock the console for £60 less than its competitors.



  1. The price of the Wii should be dropped down to 150$ + taxes. 200$ is way to much considering the amount of real games it has to offer. If I didn’t own a Wii already I still wouldn’t buy one until the price is dropped down to what its worth.

    1. People complain much about prices like a 50$ is worth a month of work, here in Brazil we have to play about U$800,00 for one of the 3 consoles, and a lot of people hv at least one of them!

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