Nintendo Wii: Surprise For Those Wii’s Hooked Up To The Internet


Nintendo’s vice president of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Denise Kaigler, informed online gaming publication IGN that Nintendo have a surprise in store for those Wii owners who have their consoles connected to the Internet.

“We’re working on a little surprise for those who connect their Wii to the Internet, so keep your eye on the Nintendo Channel for that announcement to come in the near future.”

– Denise Kaigler



  1. I hope it’s the Digicam Print Channel,My Home Nintendo Channel,Today and Tommorow Fortune Telling Channel, and the Tv Guide Friend’s Channel.I’v been waiting for those Wii channel’s to appear on Wii Shop Channel for a while to download.I hope it come’s.

  2. I seen the Digicam Print Channel trailer on youtube it allow’s you to print picture’s saved on an SD card and you can also make business card’s using your Mii or a picture.But that’s not all you can even buy picture frame’s from Fulgifilm’s and the printing service is Fulgifilm’s.

  3. Maybe they will start using Achievements(remember the “stamps” from Wii sports Resort? I hope they go somewhere with those) or maybe it will be a mii channel where you can meet up with other people and hang out, like a social networking thing.

    Ooooohhh, the possibilities are endless. I’m really excited!

  4. Dang I better get my Wii connected soon. Ya watch it be a prank were they totaly upload a virus LOL No, no it will prorbably be good.

  5. Bricked!

    Lets hope it is something cool, like an upgrade to internet channel so it works better, or something fun to do with Miis

  6. I think I know what it is.I was up all night then my Wii console disk cover turned blue and there was a message from Nintendo saying somthing about updating the Wii Shop Channel and I updated.But it also said that you get one NES game for free of your choice.And I think that’s Nintendo’s suprise.

  7. Boy I thought it was a new Wii Channel but it’s just a New Wiiware game.Cmon Nintendo you really have to put NEW Wii Channel’s like the My Home Nintendo Channel and the Digicam Print Channel for Wii.If you like video game’s make everyone with a Wii happy.

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