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Nintendo Wii: Link Given The Ability To Fly In Zelda Wii?


Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma recently sat down with British news publication The Guardian and provided them with some interesting information regarding the next Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii.

“I have an eight-year-old son myself at home, and quite recently he started playing Phantom Hourglass for DS, because when the software first hit the market he was too young. When he started playing with the boat, I told him: ‘In the next Zelda, you are going to be able to ride on the train.’ He answered: ‘OK, Dad, first boat, and then train? Surely next time, Link is going to fly in the sky … ‘”

At this point Aonuma paused, grining saying: “I just don’t know. If many people make many speculations … some of them might be correct. Right now, I have to refrain from commenting on anything.”


20 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Link Given The Ability To Fly In Zelda Wii?”

  1. i think it would be sweet if he flies into the sky would be a cool concept. i have a ton of ideas for zelda but i bet a bunch of people do lol

  2. If anything, Link would be in a plane in the next Toon Link adventure on DS (or if Nintendo wants to follow tradition, on the predecessor of the DS) Please note that there haven’t been any vehicles of any kind in any Zelda games on consoles. The closest thing was the horse-pulled carriage in Twilight Princess.

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