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Nintendo: Eiji Aonuma Sorry For Zelda Water Temple

Ocarina of Time creator Eiji Aonuma has offered a heart felt apology for the games notoriously troublesome Water Temple.

“The Water Temple in the Ocarina of Time was notorious for being very tough to conquer. I am most sorry that it was not easy for you to put on and take off the heavy boots; that all the time you had to visit the inventory.”

“I am very sorry about that. I should have made it much easier to switch to the heavy boots.”

– Eiji Aonuma


24 thoughts on “Nintendo: Eiji Aonuma Sorry For Zelda Water Temple”

  1. Well that temple is the most difficult to conquer, but anyway its a good one you enjoy defeating the Boss I don’t accept your apologize Mr Aonuma you don’t really have to

  2. I actually loved that temple because it was so hard! I wish all of them were that hard, to make that amazing experience last longer! I was always complaining that Zelda doesn’t have difficulty settings! If you have been playing Zelda games for ever then you like the challenge!

  3. Whilst no where near the amazing epicitude of the Spirit Temple, the Water temple was still an achievement in puzzle-solving. Pity that the challenge has all but gone for me: I know the damn thing off by heart.

  4. I thought the layout was the worst part. I got pissed that I got lost more than I got frustrated with switching the boots on and off.

    1. Thats exactly what I thought lol We all intend to complain alot. But if he was serious, he doesn’t have to apologies. I enjoyed it despite it’s difficulties. Oh and they did fix that boot problem in Twilight.

  5. man, i almost cry! it’s been a decade but…. oh, man, i love ocarina of time and it’s a great pleasure to hear some old-news ’bout this game.

  6. I don’t remember complaining about the boots… I were just like 5, I had more problems figuring out what to do! :)

  7. The Water Temple was amazing.
    Sure it made me rage as a kid… and even now, but that difficulty broke up the game nicely.
    just like how the well/shadow temple scared the death out of everyone who played them. it was a good breath of fresh air.
    Don’t apologize for kicking my butt :)

  8. They fixed the problem in the Wind Waker, they made the iron boots the GameCube equivalent of a C item. It should have been a C item in Ocarina to make the game even more PERFECT.

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