Nintendo DSi LL: Japanese Gamers Won Over By Nintendo DSi LL

Nintendo’s revised edition of the Nintendo DSi has gone down a storm with Japanese gamers as sales of the Nintendo DSi LL topped 100,553 units during its first couple of days on sale in Japan.

Weekly figures from tracking firm Media Create now show three different versions of Nintendo’s popular DS handheld: DSi LL, DSi, and the DS Lite. Total sales for the DS line during the week were 137,674 units. The DSi LL figures align closely with numbers recently released by research firm Enterbrain.

The DSi LL handily topped sales of PlayStation 3, which have been solid since the console’s price reduction and hardware form factor revamp. PS3 led hardware charts in the two week prior to this week. Last week, PS3 and its handheld counterpart PSP together led the hardware charts.

– Gamesutra



  1. There are lots of gaming peeps in japan in amarica they probably wont buy this cuz they probably alreayd have a ds ds lite or dsi they should stop making so many handhelds and work on there console

  2. How on earth do these people afford so many DS’s!?

    Every time they’ve said they’ve released a new handhold (which is the exact same all the time) it’s reported there was great sales.

    Bloody hell people, stick to the one handhold.

  3. i probably wont be getting it, i’ll stick to my ds lite until a pokemon game for the dsi only comes out, which is very unlikely.

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