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Nintendo: Nintendo Media Summit Is Incoming February 24th

The hype engine has started churning as Nintendo have announced a special Media Summit where the company is expected to show off forthcoming titles for both the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS.

The Media Summit will take place in San Francisco on February 24th and will be a chance for the company to showcase its biggest titles for 2010, such as the forthcoming Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid and possibly the next iteration of the Zelda franchise for Nintendo Wii, and much more.


8 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo Media Summit Is Incoming February 24th”

  1. Hoping to see a preview or ANYTHING new about Zelda Wii. Would also be good to have a better look at Mario Galaxy 2 and Golden Sun DS.

  2. hopefully there is confirmation on a release date for SMG2 and Metroid: Other M (have that one on reserve)

    The thing I want to see is to FINALLY get something about Kirby Wii.

    Kirby is long overdue for a Wii title.

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