Nintendo DS: Two New Fifth Generation Pokémon Revealed

Japanese manga magazine CoroCoro has leaked the first images of  fifth generation Pokémon set to star in the next iteration of the Pokémon franchise on Nintendo DS.

The two newly revealed Pokémon characters by CoroCoro magazine are called Zorua and Zoroark. Whilst little has been revealed about the actual characters themselves, the Official Nintendo Magazine has offered its own insight:

Let’s start with Zorua as it is Zoroark in its original state. In one scan (the anime artwork) it’s a blue-eyed evil fox but in another its eyes appear to be green. It has a little red tuft of hair on its head and red feet. Although the dark type Pokémon is described as an evil fox, it looks quite cute and is just 2.3ft tall and weighs 12.5kg.

However, when it evolves it becomes a different beast as it changes into Zoroark, another dark type Pokémon. The little tuft of red hair becomes a massive mane that’s tied into a ponytail. Zorua’s round blue eyes now look angry and while the unevolved Pokémon had a cheeky smile on its face, Zoroark is frowning as if it means business. Its also sprouted claws. If Zorua is described as an angry fox what does that make Zoroark?

Well it’s a monster fox! Unlike Zorua it appears to be able to stand on two feet and its 5.3 feet tall and weighs 12.5kg.




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