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Nintendo Wii: New Super Mario Bros Outsells Modern Warfare 2 – NPD

Marketing research firm NPD has revealed that New Super Mario Bros Wii has outsold a plethora of top titles including the critically acclaimed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in the United States during January.

1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Nintendo Wii – 656,700
2. Mass Effect 2 – Xbox 360 – 572,100
3. Wii Fit Plus W/ Balance Board – Nintendo Wii – 555,700
4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Xbox 360 – 326,700
5. Mario Kart W/ Wheel – Nintendo Wii – 310,900
6. Wii Sports Resort W/ Wii Motion Plus – Nintendo Wii – 297,600
7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – PlayStation 3 – 259,000
8. Army of Two: The 40th Day – Xbox 360 – 246,500
9. Just Dance – Nintendo Wii – 191,900
10. Darksiders – Xbox 360 – 171,200

– NPD software sales figures for January 2010


13 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: New Super Mario Bros Outsells Modern Warfare 2 – NPD”

  1. Well its pretty obvious why not a lot of CoDMW2 were sold. Look at the sales on the first day! Most people already have the game.

  2. Yeah, I where are all those “Mario outsell MW2? Keep dreaming Nintencrap!” comments now?

    It was pretty clear obvious to me that while the launch of MW2 would be a record breaking event, it wasn’t the sort of game that sells continuously like the New Super Mario Bros games, yet when Reggie pointed this out pundits and gamers alike acted like he had just said that two plus two equaled eight or something.

    1. Shut up, you Nintendo hating troll! Stop leaving negative comments on other people’s post just because you’re jealous. Why don’t you go do something! Go get some friends, watch TV, do something other than hating Nintendo for powning your dumbass game!

      1. I really hope you are kidding, or else you are such a tremendous dumb ass it’s unbelievable.

        You think I hate Nintendo huh?

        Yeah, only someone who hates Nintendo like me would skip their SAT, drive 50 miles, and sleep in a car overnight to attend Nintendo’s E3 2006 media briefing, or have a personally signed picture of Reggie hanging on their wall, or have numerous Nintendo items personally signed by both Miyamoto and Reggie in my collection.

        I guess I only purchased every Nintendo console since 1996 within a month of it’s release to prove how much I personally hate this company and all it’s fans.

        Read what what I actually typed and not what you wanted to see. In no way whatsoever did I express any form of anti-Nintendo sentiment.

        If you were just being sarcastic, you can disregard every word of this, but you you were serious, I suggest you learn to read things before you respond to them, and stop being so eager to be offended.

        And FYI, I’ve never even played Modern Warfare 2 in my life before, and the only Call of Duty game I own is for Wii.


    2. Here’s the really funny news:

      New Super Mario Bros. Wii total units sold:

      11.92 million

      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 total units sold:

      9.62 million.

      Call of duty: MW2 is around #41 out of the top 50 selling games of all time.

      Oh, by the way, most of the top 50 games are Nintendo titles, or exclusive Nintendo console games.


  3. Those sales just make it even more disappointing that new super mario bros didn’t come with some sort of online service.

  4. even if it did actually outsell mw2 its ONLY cuz wii has sold MILLIONS more consoles than the 360 or ps3. It has nothing to do with it being a better game.

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