Nintendo Wii: Rumour Pointing To DS2 Being Unveiled At E3

An anonymous source over at Nintendo World Report has told the online gaming publication that they believe the Nintendo DS2 will not be shown off at this years Games Developer Conference, but instead will be revealed to the public at E3 2010 in June.

The source said that a developer is working on a title for the DS successor, which was billed as being much more powerful, and that the release date is set. When pressed, the developer only hinted at the fact that the system won’t be announced at the Game Developer’s Conference in March, but might be announced at E3 2010 in June.



  1. Ugh, not another DS. The DSi came out just last year and I’ve barely even got to play it. Enough with the DSes!

  2. Well duh. After Other M and SMG2 at the previously unnoticed Nintendo Media Summit they need some big guns for E3, most probably Zelda, new handheld and something else (STAR FOX plz).
    The rumours of the Tegra chipset, dev kits being available and some talk from Nintendo itself has suggested that this was coming at E3 for months.

  3. Nintendo slow down with the DS’s! Your making new ones too fast. I will buy the new one for my friend though

  4. It woul make sence why nintendo would then
    say that this E3 would be better than the last two combined!

  5. To the people complaining about the new DS, seriously stop.
    They are not forcing you to buy it, buy it whenever you want. Nintendo will release the next handheld system whenever they want so they can make money off of it and you can buy it whenever you want.
    You can stick with your normal DS or whatever if you want for another few years.

  6. i still have my original DS i thought about buying a new one but its my choice my sister chose the buy the DSi so stop complaining no one is making you buy one i’m gonna wait to buy a true new ds not just an upgrade because that is my choice

  7. GOOD.

    Save the Megatons for E3 gosh darnit. Man, this is going to be freaking awesome.

    A new console Zelda and a new Nintendo portable platform revealed at the same E3? it’s going to be just like E3 2004 all over again, and that is a VERY awesome thing.

    This is going to be the Best Nintendo E3 since 2006.

  8. I thought this dsi was gonna be like the old one you know be the coolest ds for five years or so and then they would come out with a new one.
    and the thing is I wanted to be able to save up for other things like a new ipod,a video camera,a psp, a wii fit maybe even some new sneakers and then they would have come out with a new one (at least that was what I’d hoped) now some of The new games probably won’t work on the dsi (that’s how companys make money right?)well maybe I’ll just stick with my dsi and hope disney movies will come out with psp games and wii games

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