Nintendo Wii: New Mario Wii Game To Be Unveiled By Nintendo Power?

Nintendo Power have informed their readers that they are set to provide the world exclusive reveal of a new Mario title for the Nintendo Wii.

The text can be found in the current issue of Nintendo Power and was accompanied by a large image of Mario. Speculation is rife, with the majority believing it will be another addition to the popular Mario Party series.



    1. Yeah that would be nice, if they ever did make another, I hope they go back to the original RPG form.

  1. It won’t be paper mario. There’s one per console, Same with the main adventure series. But then again…They are making Super Mario Galaxy 2, so who knows. I wish they’d make a new Paper Mario! I miss the turn based battle. Super Paper Mario sucked in the aspect that they took that out…

  2. It’ll probably be something lame like, Mario Party 9 (isn’t that the next one?) but it’d be cool if it was another Paper Mario or Mario Kart. I wish it was another smash bros. but I know that isn’t the case

  3. I agree with homestarfan! It should be a new Mario Allstars with some of the modern Mario games! But it must cost pretty much, though. :P

  4. I bet is a new Mario Party or a new Sport mario game.. in that case i want it to be a new Mario Tennis game..! About the all stars game I dont think itd make any sense considering all the games are already in either the VC or in a disk for the Wii… but how cool would it be to get the regular mario all stars with mario 1,2,3 and world, only with the new mario wii graphics and star coins and with new levels and everything.. THATD BE AWESOME…!! if not a new mario kart would be ok :p

  5. omfg im so exicited but i dont live is usa so cud someone tell me as soon as dey no tankx

  6. There is no point in making a new version of Super Mario All Stars.

    Every Super Mario platformer ever made with the sole exception of New Super Mario Bros, is playable on Wii.

    Though it is strange to think that in just two years Super Mario Sunshine will be 10 years old.

  7. If its gonna be released on N power instead of E3 then its gonna be something like mario kart ds 2 or something somewhat small

  8. I hope it’s a new idea entirely. Not just another Mario Kart, or Mario Party, or something like.

    If it was just a continuation of a series, why would it matter that Nintendo Power gets to reveal it first?

    But no matter what, I just hope it’s good

  9. if it is a new rpg i hope its more in the style of superstar saga
    (less likely)
    it could be new wii control mario sunshine ready for 10 year lol its in two years shocker
    mario party
    or a new type

  10. I hope it’s a new Paper Mario! I loved Super Paper Mario; it was the best. Here’s to hoping it follows that one!

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