Nintendo DS: DS2 Information Comes Out Of GDC 10

Snippets of information regarding Nintendo’s highly anticipated follow-up to the Nintendo DS were floating around this years Games Developer Conference.

Whilst none of this information should be taken as gospel, it has been confirmed that specific game developers have received DS2 development kits from Nintendo.

  • The new system features a dual screen, typical and characteristic of the original DS unit. However, the main difference is that the gap between the two screens are almost negligible, to the point that the user can use it as one big screen. It is also said to feature bigger and higher resolution.
  • DS2 will feature an accelerometer.
  • The dev kit is designed to be similar in power to the GameCube. As you may have already heard, the new DS is rumored to have an Nvidia Tegra chip.
  • An E3 2010 announcement and a late 2010 release is possible.



  1. Wow, that will be a powerful handheld. Good thing I haven’t upgraded my DS yet, I might just want this one

  2. All I want to know is… (And this is probably a given) will it be backwards compatible to DS games? But I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  3. I hope these rumors are true. I really do. I wonder if it’ll have higher resolution cameras to go along with the higher res screens?

  4. If Nintendo would stop making 5 different versions of the DS and just get to the last and final design then I could start thinking about buying one, till then forget it but it supposedly being somewhat as powerful as the GameCube sounds like a plus to me.

    1. no one is asking you to buy one they are releasing more so that they are more appealing to a wider audience and then hopefully those people will have enjoyed the experiance and go out and buy a ds2

    1. No, at least the DSi XL is still an actively supported system at the time of it’s release.

      Gameboy Micro was basically designed to market the fading Gameboy Advance as a budget system for those not yet interested in the DS.

      Similarly, the target audience for the DSiXL probably won’t be impacted by a new Nintendo DS this year, which nintendo will be relying on the hardcore early adopters to launch.

  5. Sounds good, hoping it will be backwards compatible.
    Won’t be picking it up on release though, I’ll wait for Lite version!

    Gamecube is a powerful machine, I am hoping the machine is closer in size to DSi than DSiXL. I want to be able to keep it in my pocket!

  6. Not really that excited about it. Nintendo has all but abandoned their original fan base, they forgot about the gamers that grew up with them. Almost none of their games interest me. They all boil down to retarded mini games, or tried and true games they know will sell to the kids. I have pretty much given up on Nintendo. I’d rather see Microsoft release a handheld. They’d do it right.

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