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Nintendo Wii: Modern Warfare 2 Finally On Its Way To Nintendo Wii?

A newsletter sent out by popular US gaming retailer GameStop clearly shows an image of the supposed Modern Warfare 2 box art for the Nintendo Wii

Whilst of course this is no means official confirmation, it’s strange that such a well known video gaming retailer such as GameStop would put out this image in a mass email to its customers.


11 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Modern Warfare 2 Finally On Its Way To Nintendo Wii?”

    1. Actually this very site revealed MW: Reflex on the Wii is well on its way to be one of the top 5 games in online playing time on the console.

      Also, it took 2 years for it to be released to the Wii. If MW2 for the Wii is already being prepared for shipping, it means they really took some more pains to get it out sooner this time, which wouldn’t help if MW: Reflex wasn’t a success.

    1. they say that for every game thats on the ps3, 360 or pc cant be handled on the wii and i hope its true that its coming to wii

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  2. MW2 is a horrible game. A pure abomination, too. They used the Lord’s Name in vain. I want to sell my 360 copy asap.

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