Nintendo Wii: Capcom Have Apparently Unveiled A New Resident Evil Game

The rumour that’s currently doing the rounds online at the moment is that Capcom have just unveiled a new Resident Evil title for the Nintendo Wii at this years Captivate which mixes third-person exploration with on-rails shooting.



  1. Another for the wii? yes let them ruin the series even more. all went down hill after RE4 GAME CUBE.

  2. Thanks for nothing Capcom.

    Am I supposed to feel grateful for you dumping last gen ports and funhouse shooters on Wii while the other systems get your whole hearted Resident Evil efforts? If Capcom put their efforts into a full fledged RE adventure rather than turning out by-the-numbers rail shooters with the RE name year after year, perhaps the perception that Wii can’t handle “serious gaming” wouldn’t be severe to the point where people think the Wii is nothing but Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and their various third party imitators.

  3. Screw you capcom, seriouslly. *in a sarcastic voice* ” it’s a mixture of on rails and 3rd person, which means you will be behind the character (3rd person) while on rails!! We couldn’t do a 3rd person only because we know that the wii cAn’t handle decent games!”. Fuckers

  4. Awesome!!! I know I will be getting it, anything with Resident Evil game, I’m gonna buy. Wonder what could it be though…

  5. I could care less what the other XBOX or PS players are whining about. I’m glad Wii is getting the new game. Now they know how it feels not to play Halo or some of the newer games. Peace

    1. Dude-I lost faith in my wii a long time ago- the truth is that the wii can’t handle making a good resident evil game. It would be better for EVERYONE if they would continue the RE franchise instead if making crappy spin offs on the wii

  6. guys stop hating its true the wii should be better but comeon guys
    resident evil 4-epic
    darkside chronicles-great remixes and graphics

    im am so going to buy this game hope its not resident evil 6 i want that on the 360 as well

  7. 3rd party devs nowa days don’t like making Wii/PS2 quality games because they don’t sale quite as nice as there next gen counter parts. Thats why there was no Street Fighter 4 or RE5 for PS2 or Wii. Why there was a iPhone version for SF4? I don’t know. I really don’t blame em for not making them either because I have been playing PS2 for 9 years now and I think its about time to move on. Just be thankful we have TVsC and other great 1st party games like Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid the Other M around the corner.

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