Nintendo Wii: Okami Director Wants To Develop Star Fox For Nintendo Wii

The acclaimed director behind the classic Wii and PlayStation 2 adventure Okami has expressed his personal interest in developing a new Star Fox game for the Nintendo Wii.

Hideki Kayima expressed his interest in a new Star Fox game on Twitter where he stated that it should be the original Star Fox 64 team developing it, he then changed his mind and said that he would personally like his own team to oversee and actually develop the project.



  1. Wow, I don’t know any other work by H. Kamiya than Okami, so I don’t have any idea of what kind of stuff he would do.
    And since he stated that the StarFox64 team should be working on the next Star Fox game, then it means he knows how a Star Fox game should be made :D

      1. Nice, then he has talent in action games! would be really interesting to see what he could add to the franchise.. if he ever gets the chance

  2. Sweet! 2010 is turnin out 2 b an exciting year for the Wii. It would be cool to experience another Star Fox Adventure.

    1. Y does everyone hate assault missions, I get it was way too short but it still was amazing. The foot missions, the mixed missions (all three vehicles in one mission) it was all amazing plus assault gave them more game to work with (it didn’t end on assault or on command, there’s still an ending to make)

  3. Oh wow! I’ve dreamt of a StarFox Wii for AGES!

    I wouldn’t mind if it were some kind of modern remake of StarFox 64. You can’t get much better than StarFox 64, but I’d still like to see it modernized. Perhaps more missions on each planet, but also stick with the 8 planets, or perhaps more, depending on what the add, per game thing. Only being able to do 8 planets per play-through really increased replay value.

    2. please let us control the plane
    3. Make it a cockpit only game if possible, I wouldn’t mind an adventure, but make the focus in the arwing
    4. …more weapons

    1. No…. U have to have some foot missions those added action and difficulty to the game which actually challenged u to continue… Arwing only would suck (no landmaster, blue marine, or even new vehicles if they do) I really liked the foot because it was intense I’m sure a lot of other people did (including Nintendo)

  5. They should make it so you move the nunchuck to control your ship, and A to fire. Dogfights would Kick balls

  6. if this ever happens i hope the game would be like assault but with 10 missions on foot and 10 missions on arwings THAT WOULD BE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree 1000% split up 10 and 10 but mix them up so like 2 is Arwing then 1 foot then another Arwing then foot, u know.

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