Nintendo Wii: No Call Of Duty: Black Ops For Nintendo Wii?

Major US gaming emporium GameStop have mysteriously omitted Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Nintendo Wii from its online search listings.

The title is currently only available for pre-order for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows, though no concern should be given at present as no specific systems have been revealed for the highly anticipated title.



  1. Aw, that stinks :/ If this is a sign that it will not be released on the Wii when it releases on the other platforms, hopefully it will still get ported over at a later date.

  2. Who cares, COD is dead now, especially after MW2, that game was a joke. It’s like what happened to halo after halo2, it just got bad.

    1. While it’s annoying that Activision feels the need to produce so many Call of Duty games, I really don’t think the series itself is dead (yet! xD). I’m not sure what to say about how future Infinity Ward developed Call of Duty games are going to be, but this one is being made by Treyarch. A lot of people seem to prefer them to Infinity Ward’s iterations of Call of Duty. Considering they made World at War for the Wii as well as porting Modern Warfare 2, I hope this one gets developed for the Wii as well at some point. The Wii needs “AAA” titles like this, providing they are made well of course.

  3. I have a Wii and 360, but I don’t care about COD games anymore. WAW and MW2 ruined the series.

  4. I’m more looking forward to the RPG offerings of third parties. With Monster Hunter 3 dominating sales and and Dragon Quest X on the way, not to mention Sakura Wars, one of the “BIG 5” RPGs in Japan, plus the Last Story and Xenoblade, and Arc Rise Fantasia and… well gee, there’s a bunch, really. We know Wii is prime for premium R.P.G. content. As far as FPSes are concerned, the only one that I’m looking forward to is The Conduit 2 at this time.

    I wrote an article about how Shin Megami Tensei could take advantage of the massive Wii RPG audience. Have a look if you’re interested.

    1. Personally I’d love to see more (quality) RPGs for the Wii and these upcoming titles seem like a good step to actually get the ball roll. I believe there is a large fan base for RPGs on the Wii waiting–you just need an actual wave of titles to kick start it. The thing is there is an audience for it, but there aren’t enough titles or a franchise players to substain that audience…it just comes down to strong titles and not poor introductions (Dragon Quest Swords? That was like the Dragon Quarter of the series)

      If anything the DS has a stronger wave of RPGs than the Wii…then again, Nintendo handhelds will -always- have a good roster of RPGs with the usual suspects (Mega Man Battle Network-style, Superstar Saga, and Pokemon) being present in some way.

      1. True enough. Perhaps it is we, the gamer-audience, that need to convince RPG third parties that we’re interested in their Wii titles.

      2. What would be nice on the RPG front is like an MMORPG that draws in the Wii community on the console itself. Message boards and blogs are great for linking the community, but to actually be linked via the game itself would be even better.

        …and it’s not to say there aren’t games that do that (the new MR Tri is one and does it the way it should be done), but there aren’t many. Nintendo has a number of titles that could be used for this–the usual suspects obviously, especially Pokemon and Mario.

        MMO games in general tend to have a very long run anyway. I doubt Nintendo Points (or Mario/Pokemon/Zelda MMORPG specific Nintendo Points) would be considered, but if they did it they would continue to sell. MMORPGs tend to catch you in a way that you grow use to this character you’ve built up yourself and usual friends you venture with that you’re not going to mind paying for a subscription.

        …it’s a no-brainer really and something that should’ve been done with Pokemon as early as 2006-2007. I’m sure Gamefreak is working on something like that or else they wouldn’t have batted an eye at the free MMORPG. If that is the case we’re looking at the ultimate Pokemon spin-off and the truly substaining holy grail for the Wii.

  5. i actually like the mw2 and the halo 2 but still halo 3 is better than any of those i really dont care wat happens to this game because there will always be a new game

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